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Used Baby Stuff

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I just realized yesterday that the bassinett that we have for the baby (and that was sort of used by DD) was manufactured in February of 2002.  So it is over 10 years old.  Is this considered expired?  Should I get rid of it and just use our pack n play for the bassinett?  I know that car seats definitely have expiration dates, but I wasn't sure as far as other baby stuff.

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Car seats have expiration dates because the properties of plastics and foams change over time. They are less able to hold up (predictably, reliably) during impact as they get older. I would use a car seat past 5 years if I purchased it new from a reputable source, it had been in our family the entire time (not loaned to someone), it was never in any level of accident, and it was stored appropriately when not in use. Under those circumstances, I'd be comfortable using a car seat for 6 or 7 years, though I'm no professional (ie don't do what I do without discussing it with someone with more car seat reliability background). That is just something that everyone has to decide on their own- you are the one who'd have to live with the consequences of something going wrong.

Back to your post: since your play pen doesn't have to withstand a car crash, there are totally different safety standards. Check it over- make sure none of the plastic parts are cracked, no holes in the mesh, no hanging straps or threads, everything is in good working order. Everything in our nursery was bought used from craigslist, and already went through one or both kids. I had to tighten/replace some screws and bolts, but everything looks good for another go-round. The biggest risk you run in this situation is if play pen safety standards have changed significantly in the past 10 years. I bet you can find some of that info with a google search.
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If it were mine, I'd give it a good looking over to make sure it's in solid condition (no rust, no chipping paint, no weak spots etc) and then a quick googling to be sure it hasn't been recalled - and then I would use it!

*cross posted with Help007 who gave a much more thorough answer!!

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Oops- I got distracted writing my response. The same applies to the bassinet, except that I don't believe there are standard safety requirements for bassinets like there are for play pens. Google the brand and be on the look out for recalls.
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As long as your playpen/bassinet/other non-carseat baby gear has NOT been recalled, and is still in good working order with nothing chipping or broken or cracked, I'd go for it.


I actually prefer it.  Used baby things have been allowed to offgas.. newer baby items haven't had that chance yet (and I do recommend letting new baby items air out before use).

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Thanks Ladies - I looked it up and I was not able to find any recalls for the year it was manufactured, although there were some for following years.  More than likely this baby won't like it anyways (just like DD), but we have it just in case!


WCM - I agree, I have heard that offgassing of used items is a major plus, especially things like bedding and clothing that children are exposed to for long periods of time (all day and all night)!

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