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So how is everyone's year going so far?  We are starting to settle into a rhythm and I am thankful for it.  Dd is loving learning to read and do math.  The only thing I wish is that there were more little kids around so that she would have a playmate when we go to the park most mornings.

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We are taking this week off.. DD1 needed to get glasses (I went to the eye doctor for her as a hunch since she was struggling) and I didn't feel right about having her do bookwork and thus straining her eyes more. 2 more weeks then we are taking 15 days off for the baby (Im due first week of October).. DD1 is enjoying herself though, its fun to watch her learn new things orngbiggrin.gif

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Hi ladies how is everyone doing?  Has your year gotten off to a good start?


Our year is going great so far!  We already dropped one reading program (100ez) in favor of HOP.  I had let her watch HOP for fun one day and she fell in love and refused to do 100ez anymore.  It was a struggle for me, since it was my first time having to give up a curriculum that I loved for one that she loved.  But one of the best things about hs'ing is that it's about how she learns, not how I want her to learn, so we went ahead and made the switch.  She is doing great with HOP by the way.


Today is our first field trip of the year (as well as our first home schooling field trip ever) we are going to the fire department with some other home schoolers from the area :)

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So after a good start we have really fallen off the train. We haven't done much all week, Im just so tired and I feel horrible.

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Hi!  We are doing pretty well...it has been interesting to see what works and what doesn't, what we have time for and what has fallen by the wayside! I am definitely not getting in as much as I had planned, but I am okay with that and I feel like we will probably pick up a little bit as we wort out what is working.  My toddler has also decided now is a great time to drop the nap half the time, so that is probably not helping :)


OkiMom, we barely did anything this week too.  It was just an off week, we were busy, I was exhausted, everyone was crabby..so we just let go of the plan.  Next week will be better...maybe! :) hah! 

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Hi all!  We are homeschooling for the first time this year, our two sons, who are turning 8 and 6 this month.  Both attended public school last year, 2nd and K, respectively.  They both started K young, however.  The soon to be 6 year old was recommended to repeat K at the end of last year.  We had a really good public school, with a really strong art and music program especially.  However I felt that K did not give them a good start with the basics.  The class jumped right into letter sounds, phonics, beginning reading, and as a result my completely normal, bright child still didn't know the whole alphabet by the end of the year (but did know all the letter sounds).  I was so frustrated.  I felt like repeating K would only be a disservice, because they still wouldn't teach the basics from the beginning like he needed.  I guess the other kids already knew the alphabet going into K?  We are in CA.  

I almost felt like our only option was to homeschool, him anyway, to teach the things he is just beginning to grasp now, before moving on.  Then we ended up moving away, out of the district, pretty far.  Homeschooling felt like the right choice.  In part, because they were both young, starting K at 4, turning five in Oct.  This way we can get them caught up on K and 2nd grade skills and feeling confident (and not comparing to other kids in class).  And we'll just go at their individual pace and see how far we get this year.  

Its been just over a month now, and I'm LOVING it so far.  When they were in public school I was just much less aware of where they were, skill wise.  Now I'm finding out exactly what skills they are competent in, what they are just developing and I can design a curriculum to meet them right where they are at.  Also, I can now see all these other opportunities for learning and developing the skills they are working on now in our day to day lives.  Now I can make the most of all these spontaneous opportunities to help them learn and grow that I wasn't even aware of before.  I was just too busy or distracted.  Now this is my job, so I'm giving it my full attention and it is so rewarding!  

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Welcome SuperMama, I'm glad y'all are liking homeschooling so far!


I feel so bad today, Dd had a field trip to the nature center scheduled but I have been battling a cold.  I had thought I was getting better but last night I kept waking up with night sweats and coughing fits.  I think what I need is just a day to rest at home since we have been going and going all week.  Hopefully some rest and a lot of hot tea and broth can help me kick this.  I am still going to do something extra with Dd today too, she took the news of not going on the field trip so well.

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Hi all! I'm happy to have this thread to check in on so I thought I should finally join it smile.gif We had a very soft start to K due to the fact that we had a 3 month long moving process between the end of summer and right now. There was so much transition going on that I didn't want to throw on the added pressure of "starting Kindergarten"!

Our first piece of curriculum came up unexpectedly, when I realized we both needed to learn how to talk about what we were doing. Dd was looking shy and not talking whenever someone would ask her if she was going to go to Kindergarten. I told her she could say, "Yes, I'm doing Homeschool" and the next time it happened she did! Then I had an experience were someone assumed that I would have chosen one of the computer based statewide charter schools for doing HS. Still not entirely sure how I would explain my approach, basically Eclectic but that won't mean much to the average person. My overriding philosophy so far, which has helped me reign in my natural tendencies to over think things, is that I can't mess up Kindergarten!

Dd is 5.5 and, I'm sure many families feel this same way, for all intensive purposes we've been homeschooling for years already. She is learning to read and write just fine without any specific curriculum pieces other than my desire to help her with these things. I decided to use Oak Meadow K for starters and we just got the last of the materials on Friday. Dd was very excited and wanted to start HS right away! We talked about how we've actually been doing lots of homeschool already, and could she think of what activities we do that are learning activities? We got a good list going and then did do an activity from the OM curriculum smile.gif

So, this was a long into into the fact that next week will be our official start with the OM K curriculum. We will also continue doing what we already do which is Pre-ballet, art class, story time at the library, reading with Sunshine books and BOB books, and lots of creative play. What we really need to do pronto is meet some friends in our new hometown, Toledo, OH!
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We are sort of doing our own version of unschooling for K this year : ) 


(I kind of posted about this in the unschooling forum but I'll do it here a little more in depth) 


I basically start each week with a list of things I want to do. Crafts, stories, seasonal work, educational stuff and activities we do outside of the home (we spend a lot of time at home!) DD does horseback riding, is in Cloverbuds for 4-H, and we try to have one playdate per week. We don't really use a set curriculum but I do piece together from Little Acorn Learning, Pinterest, and all of my Waldorf and nature books. This weeks theme is going to be "SPOOKY" and we will be doing loads of Halloween crafts and preparing for our Halloween party -- we are also going to the museum for their spooky going-ons, and I'm planning on taking kids to a pumpkin patch so we can paint and carve Jack-o-lanterns. I'm really flexible with what we do..originally this week we were going to do space + cycles of the moon, but it's so close to Halloween I want to crank out more crafts and so does DD. 

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We are in kindy mode, mixed with some Pre-K.


DS knows his alphabet and is starting to pick up sight words.  He can write the letters in uppercase.  He is 5.5.  He has a set of bananagrams that we make short words out of and sometimes we will have a game of putting together three or four letter words and he reads them.  He's not on non-phonetic sight words yet.  I'm not concerned.  DD is 4.5 and recognizes the letters of the alphabet and can spell her name - but not write it especially well.  She is awesome at coloring though; I assume it will come with time.


Math, uh... well, we do a lot of measuring and stuff like that while cooking and buying groceries.  DH taught DS skip counting.  He can also start adding and stuff if it's simple.  He can count to about 100.  We don't do worksheets or anything though.  Manipulatives, yes, but they just basically play with them.  (Like pattern blocks and puzzles.)  No real formal lessons there.


We get books out of the library every day almost so we always have a rotating supply.  (I write for several hours there in the afternoons and bring home the books myself.)  We also do storytime at the library.


We take field trips, one or two a month...


Um, what else.  Well, we do a sort of unschooly thing in that we have no set curriculum books but I do choose a topic for a while.  Right now it's continents.  Last month it was the woodlands and apples.  So I print various things offline, coloring pages, activities, songs... I check some age-appropriate books out of the library... we watch some youtube videos and do some art projects with the theme in mind.


We also read a lot of fairy tales, do cooking, art stuff.  And if anything comes up we will talk about it at random.  We're also checking out random interesting reference books from the library.  This week some of them were animal homes, professions, and Vikings.

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Thanks John.  You could say we are in homeschool honeymoon phase right now.  


Update: We have enrolled the boys in a local homeschool/charter school.  They will have weekly meetings with a certified teacher who keeps track of their progress.  It has added all sorts of paperwork on my end, which has its pros and cons.  On one hand, its more work for me; on the other hand, it encourages me to do specific activities regularly for each subject, including PE, so I have something to record.  The great benefit is that each child receives a stipend through the school which we choose how to spend on curriculum, supplies, on-site classes, and even extra-curricular classes in the community.  


Since we are beginning mid-semester, we haven't enrolled them in any of the onsite classes.  Some were full and some didn't fit our schedule, so we are waiting until January when the new semester starts.  DS, 8, wants to take their guitar class, if they are offering it again.  And DS, 6, really just wants to be in some class with other children.  So, we're all looking forward to that opportunity.  


We are still not using a specific curriculum, just putting together things that interest them in different subjects and enjoying the freedom of that.  I like what I've seen of Oak Meadow, but I just want to draw inspiration from it and not purchase a whole curriculum.  


DS, 6, just finished the lower case alphabet which we did at the rate of one letter per day and about 4 per week.  He is still just beginning to understand how to put the letter sounds together to create a word.  He is very proud to be able to write three words which he learned in this order: his own name, Poo, and Hi.  


DS, 8, was taught to write freely using phonetic spelling in PS, so I'm trying ways of gently teaching proper spelling without making it a drag and without stifling his creativity.  


And, I'm getting better at doing almost daily walks, hikes, bike rides, or scooter rides, and trips to the park for exercise, which really helps the mood overall.  For all of us!!

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Wow it's the end of October already, where did it go?  Homeschooling is going pretty good over here, Dd is on the last lesson of HOP Kindergarten Level 1 and we plan to start level 2 later this week.  I have been having her review the words she already knows and we will do a review over all the words in level 1 later this week (before we start level 2).  Math and writing are going good too, we are using manipulatives and she is starting to understand adding and can count to 60 by ones and 10's.  The only subject I feel I am lacking on is science, which makes me feel bad because it is one subject she seems to crave.  She loves all things science.  I am planning a science day in December though with our homeschool group with 3 or 4 science experiments set up for the elementary age kids, since it seems like I am not the only one who is slacking on the subject!

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Well we are in the middle of a hurricane!  So far ds has learned to French Knit on a Knitting Nancy.  Made dryer balls.  Helped mix concrete to try and fix the french drain in our basement.  He learned to play Uno and later we will learn to play Blink.  He has done a whole lot of cooking and right now is helping dp put together a drill press.  We are pretty much just waiting for the power to go out.  


We unschool so we aren't doing anything really formal.  Ds does play dreambox learning (which he asked to play a lot yesterday because we still had power) and according to it he is on a 2nd grade level in math.  I actually think he would be a little higher if they let him do fractions. The kid is nuts for fractions.  We are still mostly just reading to him what he wants to read and occasionally playing with words.  He surprised me the other day with all the sight words he knows already so I guess we are alright there for now.

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