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April DDC ~August~ Chat

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Hey ladies,


Let's use this thread to have one place to check in with each other - we can make a new thread each month to keep it from getting to long. Feel free to post anything here that's on your mind!

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Whoops! I just made a thread like this too. So weird because I didn't see this before I made mine. Sorry. I can go delete it.


ETA: I can't delete it so I just edited it instead. Sorry about that.



I called to make an appt with my OBGYN and they wanted me to get a blood draw to confirm my pregnancy. My DD was great for the first part of the wait but when it took longer than usual she started to act up and it was horrifying. I now know she will not be going with me to any of my doctor appts lol!


Now I have to wait until Wednesday to make my appt which happens to be our 4th wedding anniversary. I hope I get some good news regarding the blood draw that day. 


Not feeling any nausea yet but I'm only 4w3d so I don't expect to just yet.

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To funny Tiffany! Looks like we were posting at the same time! One says 11:07 and the other 11:09 :D


I had my meet-n-greet with my new midwife last week and she was great. Haven't had an official in take appointment yet though. I'll probably schedule that for next week or the week after. I do plan on asking for a referral for an u/s though as I have really high anxiety and seeing the baby &/or hearing the hb sooner rather then later is extremely reassuring for me.


I haven't told any of our kids yet and I think we're going to wait until next week because this weekend we have a big family birthday party with my IL's and I really *really* don't want them to know yet. I'm sure my 12 year old could keep the secret, but pretty sure my 8 & 4 yo's would blow it lol.


My symptoms are rolling in on a regular basis now. My boobs are super sore (and have been since a week before I got my BFP) and they're expanding : / I've had intermittent nausea and heart burn, major food aversions (no cravings yet though), my hair is starting to fall out in clumps in the shower (this happens every time for me!) and the heightened sense of smell is kicking in too, which isn't helping the food aversions!!


Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you too!

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I'm relaxing this afternoon. It's been quite an exciting/busy couple days. My sweetheart proposed last night! He bought the ring in April but was waiting for us to be alone to propose! We're getting married at the courthouse August 26th so I can get on his insurance ASAP. Today has been busy. We went to Whole Foods to get prenatal vitamins and fish oil earlier, and have been calling family all afternoon. I'm glad we figured out the wedding date. My daughter is at her dad's until tomorrow evening and doesn't know we're pregnant or engaged yet. I can't wait to tell her! I'm so excited to see her bond with her sibling.


I'm feeling a little hormonal. I'm also having a lot of nausea, which I didn't have with my daughter. I'm quite sure it'll be a boy. Just an intuition :-) I'm also tired, super bloated, and HUNGRY! I don't have any food aversions. Just nausea after I eat. I'm 5w3d so I wonder if I'll end up with worse nausea, or if it'll stay the same? I can handle this. I definitely was not this hungry this early in pregnancy with my daughter, and food doesn't taste as amazing as it did with her, either, but that might not have started until 2nd trimester. I'm also having some pain in my lower back and right hip. I was seeing a wonderful chiropractor before we moved, but haven't had insurance to see one here, yet. I cannot wait until I can get adjusted again! I'm tempted to drive the hour and a half just for an adjustment! I'm not convinced I wouldn't ruin the adjustment driving back home, though. It's a long time to be in the car. My breasts are sore but HUGE! I don't remember them being so big this early before, either. It's fascinating how different it is being pregnant this time, but I'm definitely enjoying it.


I'm gonna find some silly movie to watch on Netflix and chill out with my ginger tea for a while. I have to clean the house tomorrow because my parents are coming for a "vacation" on thursday! good thing the house isn't too messy.

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Congratulations MommyRuth!! You are having an exciting month for sure!


I got my hcg levels back for today at 4w3d and they were 74. Too low to date anything off of and they want me to re-test in a week. This is pretty much the exact same scenario that I had with DD. The number was ridiculously low and they had me go back to re-test in a few days. Because everything went well with her I have hope that this one will too.


I wonder if my actual ovulation/conception is later than average or something? Especially for this to happen with both. My daughter was born at 39w5d and was 6lb 15oz so maybe she wasn't actually 39w? I dunno. I'm confused.


I'm going to have to wait and see what it comes back as in a week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Congrats Mommy Ruth! How exciting!


5 weeks, 3 days.  I've been having light nasea all along but today I went on a run in the evening instead of the morning.  The nasea got so bad after 2 miles that I had to stop and walk :(.  Will try to do a workout in the morning from now on!

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Congrats Ruth!!  By the way, I was also positive I was having a boy last time and I did.  :)  I was also sure my daughter was a girl, but this third time I'm not so sure...


Tiff4ny, crossing fingers!  I bet you ovulate a bit later...I do too and if I didn't know that my EDDs would have been totally off.  It really does effect things, especially this early and then again late when people get worried about postdates.


Another 5w3d-er here...today has been my worst day of nausea so far.   It was pretty tricky to get my kids out of the house this morning for our weekly homeschooling park day, and then sitting in the sun was also not pleasant. I get a really "seasick" version of morning sickness, where the world kind of spins. However,  having it kick in now leaves me at a whole week and three days later than it kicked in with my son, so I'm still thrilled and hopeful it won't last as long as it did with him (I was sick till 18w!!).  With my daughter this is around when it kicked in, and it ended at 15w.  Still long and horrible, but when you think about it -- that's a whole month of feeling good that I didn't have with my son!  Staying optimistic...I've been on really good b-vites prenatally this time and I feel like they might just make a difference.


I was dealing with some slight anemia before I got pregnant (never had it before so this is a huge bummer) and having trouble getting on top of that now that the Floradix is making me nauseated...sigh.  Between that and all this cell dividing I am freaking TIRED.  It's been hard to do much of anything.


I'm also super smell averse...my husband just reeks so much of himself. LOL!

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Hola! I will be six weeks tomorrow. So far my biggest symptoms are incredible breast soreness and exhaustion. So far, no sickness, though to be honest, I wouldn't mind a little just to convince myself that this invisible thing is really happening. This is our first, so all of this is entirely new and unbelievable to us. Will the breast pain ease at some point? I knew I would lose my breasts to pregnancy, but I didn't expect it so soon.

We are gearing up to start telling our families. We'll tell my wife's family next week and mine the following week. I could honestly wait to tell my fam, but it seems more fair to tell them around the same time. It will be fun to tell since it will be a huge surprise (my fam didn't even know we were trying...) but I feel protective of the secret too. How can I tell everyone something that still doesn't even feel real to us yet?
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@Sunderella. It might be best to go ahead and tell. We always wait and by the time we get to the second trimester, I never want to let go of the secret.  There were people with my 1st and 3rd that didn't notice until  month or so before the babies were born :)

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I told my daughter tonight and she is SO excited! She reacted so sweetly and asked SO many questions. She kept hugging my belly and asking if she can dress the baby, hold the baby, and be in charge of buttoning/zippering/fastening his or her clothes. She was concerned that the baby would be afraid when we turned the light off to go to bed! She asked for more information, so I showed her a picture of what the baby might look like right now, and she found it hilarious. I'm so excited to share this experience with her!


My sweetheart and I had some time alone together the past 2 days for the first time since we've lived together and I'm feeling so loved! It's really awesome to realize how good it feels to be in a supportive, loving, honest relationship. I know there will be rough patches, but we're at a high point right now and I'm just enjoying and savoring it. We talked a lot about a lot of things, and I feel so secure knowing I can depend on him. I'm just feeling nothin' but love tonight.

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5w5d here, and the symptoms have been here for over a week, but more annoying than debilitating so far. I have nausea whenever I'm hungry or thirsty, but the nausea makes any food sound disgusting, so it's a domino effect of feeling icky! I try to stay on top of it with high protein snacks and keeping my water bottle close at hand. A bigger issue is, can you tell, insomnia!! It seems like every night when the kid(s) are up, I'll get them back to sleep and then lie in bed for hours trying to get sleepy again. I'm sure once DH is back home (he's out of the country right now) the sleeplessness will improve. I've also noticed that the ladies are tender, but only when DS is BFing. He is close to weaning, we are down to 3-5 min sessions at naptime and bedtime, and sometimes he doesn't even ask. He's only 22 months, so I'm surprised that he might wean so early. DD nursed until she was 26 months, (tandem for 5!!) and that only ended because I was struggling with tandem nursing a NB and a clingy toddler.

So I found out today that I'm due at pretty much the same time as two friends who were pg with me last time! They were both in my CBE class at the time, and I attended both of their births as their doulas (one when I was 38wks, the other with my newborn DS in a wrap!) and here we are again, only all wih due dates within a week of each other! This will be #2 for both of them, so it will be fun to watch their families make the big transition to "family of 4." Oh, and while I was chatting in code about all of this with one of the mamas, DD ran up, hugged my belly and said in a teasing voice "Mommy, you're pregnant!" innocent.gif I hadn't told her yet, as she's only 3, but I guess I wasn't being careful enough because she picked up on it! I brushed it off, but I'm nervous that she'll pipe up again in a less-safe environment and spill the beans! She's intuitive, that one...

Mommyruth - congratulations on your engagement and feeling all of the love! joy.gif

Ok, going to try sleep again so I'm not a crankopotomus tomorrow!
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Dreamed last night that I got my period.  Woke up this morning happy that it was all a dream.  Still, disturbing.


This is going to be a long 7 1/2 more months, isn't it?

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Dreamed last night that I got my period.  Woke up this morning happy that it was all a dream.  Still, disturbing.


This is going to be a long 7 1/2 more months, isn't it?

Just wait until you dream about giving birth to an animal, or litter of them. With my daughter, I dreamt I had puppies and was extremely confused about how that happened. I've just been having totally off the wall dreams that make no sense whatsoever. Hormones do strange things!

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 How can I tell everyone something that still doesn't even feel real to us yet?


I really feel like this too.  With my first 2 kids, I just felt so pregnant right away and was eager to tell, but this time around, it really doesn't feel real.  I even keep taking pregnancy tests every few days to make sure, and the pink line keeps getting darker.  I guess since I'm not talking to anyone about it, and my body isn't constantly reminding me about it, it's just not happening.  I'm sure I'll feel different on Tuesday when I have my appointment.  Part of my apprehension is that I don't know how far along I am, so it's going to be a bit of a surprise to find out what my due date really is, etc.  The Midwife's office marks me as being 7 weeks based on my last period, but I suspect I'm only around 5 weeks, due to when I finally got a positive test.

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My husband just got mad at me and yelled loud of enough for the kids to hear "If you don't clean this house better we are going to have to have this HOMEBIRTH in a hotel" irked.gif  He knows how important it is for me to keep this a secret.  He also knows that it's impossible to keep up with cleaning up after HIM so I've just given up.  Until he learns to put everything he takes out back where it belongs...until he learns where the dirty clothes go...until he learns that when he is looking for  something he just just toss everything out of the area where is looking and then leave ....then I'm not cleaning a thing.  He can do it.

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I re-tested for my hcg quants today and they came back as 299. They doubled within the right timeframe and they are within the "normal" ranges for where I am week wise, but still too low for them to give me an appt. I will re-test next Wed for a third time to see. I'm still feeling good about this all since it is so similar to what happened with DD. Also, I'm feeling some small symptoms such as breast twinges, slight nausea, etc. Now it's just a waiting game and the ultimate test of my patience. Please keep good thoughts for my numbers to continue to rise!



ETA: I went back and did the math from when I took my draws for DD and this is what I came up with.




         74 8/6/12 4w3d

         299 8/9/12 4w6d


Adri hcg:

         129 2/27/09 4w6d

         604 3/2/09 5w2d


I'm definitely feeling better now seeing that my 4w6d draw is higher than it was with her. joy.gif

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Wow, camprunner, I'm so sorry that your husband has such issues.  :(  He definitely needs to do a little growing up...and yelling at you!  I hope things pick up for the better.  :hug


Congratulations, MommyRuth, on all the joy in your life!  Your little one sounds like so much fun, what a great big sister she's going to be!


love, p

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Wow, camprunner, I'm so sorry that your husband has such issues.  :(  He definitely needs to do a little growing up...and yelling at you!  I hope things pick up for the better.  :hug


Congratulations, MommyRuth, on all the joy in your life!  Your little one sounds like so much fun, what a great big sister she's going to be!


love, p

Yeah, mostly I'm just upset that he referred to this baby where the kids could hear when I'm not ready for them to know.

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Thanks group leaders for the DDC bio and picture! The idea of a spring baby and those beautiful flowers is an uplifting thought!  Especially now that my morning sickness has finally arrived!  I was prepared with a full arsenal this time though, so I'm still standing so far!  I've got the Sea Band's on, Vitamin B6, ginger tea, fresh ginger ale, Sea Band ginger gum (wow! strong!) and Emetrol, just in case.  My son has his birthday party tomorrow morning so I need to be in tip-top shape, as we still aren't telling.  Anyone have other morning sickness cures?

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Yay! I'm glad you like the picture and bio. I didn't really know what to write. =P


I've been reading a lot of material regarding morning sickness and I'm learning that carbs are actually the worst thing for it (aka the BRAT diet, etc.) Instead try eating good fats like avocado. I don't eat any grains/gluten ever and I haven't been eating legumes or dairy since the 1st and I've felt great so far. I live on eggs, avocados, applesauce, lots of meats, tons of vegetables and a little bit of fruits and I'm feeling really good!

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