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camprunner. That is my issue. lol. I always secretly wish for twins. So far five times have been singles lol. I had a homebirth with my last one and a birthing center birth with the fourth...I really love the out of hospital experience and we 100% plan a homebirth....but if we did find out it was twins I have NO idea what I'd do. I dont know if I'd end up just going to the hospital to deliver but going to my midwife for prenatal care...I dont know if I'd just hire my friend/past midwife as a doula. I dont know. It's scary to me to think of going to the hospital where I lose control. I like the control I have in my home. AHHHH....

Needless to say for caregiver reasons and for planning reasons and for vehicle buying reasons (we have a 7 passenger van that is filled up....don't want to buy something for 8 if we need something for 9 lol) I am highly considering an 8 week ultrasound so that I can KNOW what is going to happen. ugh. I haven't decided yet but I think I've talked myself into it. I've never had an u/s that early and usually just get one per pregnancy....I know I want one later not to know what sex but to see if we are dealing with clubfoot again or if we are not. LOL. I dont want to go thru clubfoot all over again but obviously I dont have a choice.....however I would like to know ahead of time if I can.


Anyway....those are my ramblings for the night. I think it's funny how many of us think/wish/hope/kinda fear twins lol. I have wanted twins since before I had children and I would love them now...but eeek...the thought kind of scares me now...and really it's probably just not in my cards and that is ok but ack! LOL...My mom's mother's brother was a twin...so technically she could have passed the gene on....but yeah...not that likely lol.

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There are midwives who have experience with and are comfortable delivering twins. If I were pregnant with twins I'd still aim for a homebirth. I don't think I am, though my 8 year old hopes it. I did think ds 1 was a twin because I had twin dreams, but I think it could've actually had something to do with him being due almost exactly 2 years after my angel's due date. With ds 2 I thought I was miscarrying, with red blood though not a lot and some weird greyish clots, but not many and not big. But it turned out to be just him in there all healthy and happy and no one said anything about signs of a lost twin. Twins don't run in my family, but this is my 6th pregnancy. Again, though, I don't think I'm carrying twins, but for some reason I sometimes want a set. I think it's because I've conquered having a big baby, dd 2 was basically 10 lbs. I have had a"normal" home birth with ds 1. I delivered ds 2 breech at home. Next thing to conquer would be twins. hahaha

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I've been totally obsessing about twins. I don't know why. This is my 6th pregnancy, and I have toyed with the "what if it's twins" thought with every one, but this time I can't stop thinking about it. I had a super realistic dream that it was twins, and ever since I've been reading everything I can find about it. Twins don't run in my family and I am not over 35 and I was not eating yams or taking folic acid or clomid. However... I found out that if you conceive while still breastfeeding, you chances go from 1.1% to 12.4%. So I keep thinking "maybe...". 


I would be super excited about twins, but scared at the same time. I am a VBACer so twins makes things a bit harder when it comes to finding an OB who would let me deliver vaginally. My last baby was a VBAC so I have that in my favor at least. 


I guess I will find out on Tuesday when I have my ultrasound. If there are twins, I won't be too surprised, but if there are not, I don't think I will be surprised either. Hah! Pregnancy logic/thinking is so weird! In the end, I just want to see a healthy, strong heartbeat, regardless of how many there are.


Glad to know I am not alone in the twin obsession though :)

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I wouldn't rule out homebirth for twins but there are several things I'd need to know before I could make a decision:


What kind of twins are we dealing with? Some kinds make for better home delivery than others.


I think my midwife only has about 5 years of experience or so.  I would need to ask her what her plans are that she would do differently. Would hse have other midwives with more experience present? I like her and some of the alternatives around here I think I might have a personality conflict with. What precautions would she take? What does she think the risks are and how would we handle them?


ETA: I'd love to have a surprise twin at birth so I didn't have to feel guilty about continuing with my homebirth plans and have the baby just turn out great!

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I'm jealous of everyone's symptoms, even if they do include burping and morning sickness!  I have none, except the dreams and a little breast tenderness (but I've been working like a madwoman around the house for a week, so my whole body is creaking, and it can be hard to tell one pain/tenderness from the next).


On the twin thing:  I think I'd go unassisted in that case.  I just absolutely freak when I think of one of my babies in a hospital.  No way could I labor in a place like that. 


love, p

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Yeah. I know homebirth is not completely out. I haven't talked to my midwife about it at all. Obviously it's not necessary to talk about it before I know. I plan to set up an u/s for around 8 weeks today. My midwife is VERY experienced. She has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies. I'm positive there is probably some twin action in there. I have no idea what it'll come down to IF there are twins. I live 30 minutes from the hospital. I cannot imagine having to birth in a hospital unless it's absolutely necessary. And it freaks me out to think about having to be there. If it's a twinsie birth they will make me be in the OR and I will have such limited allowances. There would just be SO MUCH to fight for...FREAKY. lol.

Anyway....I think I'll find out what I can at the U/S and go from there lol.

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I'm still nursing DS 2 also. I didn't know that can increase your chances. Interesting...

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I'm jealous of everyone's symptoms, even if they do include burping and morning sickness!  I have none, except the dreams and a little breast tenderness (but I've been working like a madwoman around the house for a week, so my whole body is creaking, and it can be hard to tell one pain/tenderness from the next).


On the twin thing:  I think I'd go unassisted in that case.  I just absolutely freak when I think of one of my babies in a hospital.  No way could I labor in a place like that. 


love, p

Yeah. I had one baby in the hospital and it went fine but I think it was more because it was a busy night and they pretty much left me alone because if I didn't need the anastesiologist or a c-section, they certainly didn't have time to deal with me when there were many other women who did want/need those services.  I have only rarely had an actual MD speak to me with respect rather than a God complex and this is disturbing to me because I'm really in tune with my own body.


The midwifery situation in my state is really shaken up right now and there are very few practicing. Even if we use a legal CNM, I've learned that it wouldn't make a difference.  Their supervising physician could drop them and just like that they'd have to stop practicing leaving me without care.  If there is an emergency transfer or negative outcome, they are sometimes in greater danger than a midwife practicing illegally because they are right there having records and are immediately blamed for the negative outcome even if it was out of their control.  My husband and I have talked about it and he doesn't feel that we would go to the hospital even if we were suddenly left without a midwife. I'm not sure what we'd do if we HAD to be without. 


If it were twins, I'm thinking a midwife trained in neonatal ressussitation and to recognize emegencies as soon as possible would be better than no one. That's just in my case. My husband has very slow reaction time.

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Nikki: Yeah, I never knew that either. That makes the chances higher than when you are on Clomid! 


Camprunner: The midwife situation sucks here too. Midwife assisted birth is illegal. What blows my mind is that my husband could legally deliver my baby... my husband who is NOT trained or in anyway a birth professional... but an educated and experienced midwife is out of the question. Wth? There are a couple midwives that still practice illegally, but I don't want to go that route. Besides, we don't have the money to pay for one. Insurance covers a hospital birth 100% for us, so that's where we will be :( My last birth was an unplanned, unassisted VBAC in a Marriot hotel :) My husband caught the baby and the paramedics showed up 5 minutes later. It was pretty cool!


Funny thing is, a week before my due date we will be 7 hours away in another state for my BIL's wedding. While I doubt I would go into labor that early, it has crossed my mind that we could end up with a repeat of the last birth. Even funnier, my 5 year old daughter drew my BIL a picture and letters all over the "Congrats on your engagement" card we sent him. I asked her what it said, and she said it said, 'When you get married, a baby comes out!" LOL! She doesn't know we are expecting  yet... I wonder if it's a premonition... :)

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I'm jealous of everyone's symptoms, even if they do include burping and morning sickness!  I have none, except the dreams and a little breast tenderness (but I've been working like a madwoman around the house for a week, so my whole body is creaking, and it can be hard to tell one pain/tenderness from the next).


On the twin thing:  I think I'd go unassisted in that case.  I just absolutely freak when I think of one of my babies in a hospital.  No way could I labor in a place like that. 


love, p

Spruce, I haven't any morning sickness either (yet) but I have been having weird dreams, constant sneezing, and constipation pretty much from the get go... lol.  Anyone else have really bizarre symptoms?


Does nursing really increase your chance of twins?  How?  My uncles are twins and their mom (my gramma) was a twin.  So I guess maybe it runs in our family.  I don't really want twins though - one at a time is enough for me!


Cagnew - that sucks that midwife-assisted birth is illegal in your state.  Also really funny about your DD's drawing!  What would you do if you were in another state?  It's funny, the morning after I found out, DD treated me to a long, unprompted discussion of how many siblings she wanted (a big sister, a little sister, and a brother) and later told DP what she would do with them (play, and share her toys).  Made me wonder if she knew something...  I think sometimes they can sense what we are thinking about because they are still so close to us.

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Our female labrador has not left my side much at all in the last few weeks. And I mean, she is ALL over me. If I give her the opportunity she practically tries to crawl into my lap. Even our male GSD/Great Dane mix has stuck close by and tried to lay on me recently. I wonder if these progesterone pills are making me give off something that they can sense or if maybe they just know better now that they were around when I was pregnant with DD. It's really quite interesting to me. Also, our DD has randomly asked about her little brother lately. "Is that my brother?" "Mommy where is my brother?" She also does not know we are pregnant yet... 

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Here is a link about breastfeeding and twinning: http://www.loveyourbaby.com/fertility-while-breast-feeding.html and another one that is a little more "official": http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/05/060521103211.htm


I don't know what I would do if I went into labor in another state. The thought of going to a random hospital doesn't appeal to me, especially as a VBACer. If I am cleared to go ahead and travel at that point, I will do my homework and have a plan for "what if." Apparently there is a natural birth OB going to the wedding... but just because someone says someone is natural doesn't mean anything! One thing is for sure, I WOULD NOT call the paramedics! I was charged $500 for me, and $500 for the baby just to ride in the ambulance ACROSS THE STREET to the hospital. I was sooo angry when I got the bill. I mean, they didn't do anything except cut the cord and push me and the baby into the ambulance and BAM... $1,000. Had I known that, I would have gotten in our van and DH would have driven me across the street. 


Tiffany: That's funny about the dogs! They say animals and children are able to sense things that others can't, so maybe the dogs are being protective. We have a flat-coatted retriever and he is acting the same as always... kind of dumb, lol. I love him even if he isn't too bright :) He's so good to the kids and he has super soft fur, and that's how he won my heart.

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well hubs says no to the early ultrasound. will find out why later...this was a text convo today while he was on break at work lol...we'll see. He can be such a stink. He's also saying we will find out...which I dont want to. Ugh. MEN LOL

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Well, I totally think I'm having twins here too. Driving me nutty. I just wrote about why I feel that way here. Would You Scan For Twins And When?


It wouldn't stop me from having a home birth though. 


Off for date night with hubby but will come back to try and keep up with the chat!

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I just joined this DDC, so glad theres a place to chat!


Im having heavy nausea. I have very little energy, and I want to lay in bed a lot. Mornings, until 2 pm are the worst. By the afternoon it gets a bit better. My son Indi gets a bit bored, hes used to be going places and having people over, and these days, im out. Fortunately, I have friends who have been taking him to do fun things.


Im super happy about this pregancy! last time I planned a HB but ended up with a C, nothing really wrong, just the typical chain of events, the doc who was supposed to come didnt show up, and we had the awful idea of going to the hospital. Once there, I lost my birth state, too much neocortical activity, and the cesarean. This time around Im not leaving the house! I have a great midwife, it`s a male midwife! hes super cool and is partened with a very close friend of mine. I joke and say they are like Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers.


I hope the queasiness passes soon.


Sorry if my english is not perfect! is not my first language :) I discovered mothering.com in my first pregancy and never left.


off to read more posts!

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Just called the midwife. She said they start seeing patients around 12 weeks...that is 7 weeks away. There are three practicing in my area. I've written each a note to ask about fees and such...they all work together but have separate fees I guess since they are probably individually employed but they go as a backup to the one that is "hired"...anyway...we'll see.


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I've had thoughts about twins as well. Not sure if that's because I always wanted to be a twin and have  twins OR my spidey senses are tingling and there is 2 buns in the oven.

I'm planning a homebirth, but in AK it's illegal for a midwife to attend a twin birth at home or in a birthing center.. SO, I'd more than likely have a hospital birth, for us that is just what would be best :). I feel in tune with my body and like I -could- deliver twins unassisted or with a lay midwife at home, but just not comfortable with it. However, I'm going to stop thinking about anything but my homebirth with my 1 baby until things are confirmed ROTFLMAO.gif

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I'm starving to the point that it hurts and can't seem to get the hunger to go away.  Thought I'd throw that out there in hopes that maybe someone has suggestions.  I had fries and a salad with chicken strips at a fastfood establishment (because I was starving so bad I couldn't wait until we made the hour drive home) and then when I got home after enduring more hunger all the way home, I ate a half a block of cheese.  Why can't I be one of those women who can't eat during the first trimester?

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Sorry.  I tend to have problems putting on weight (fast metabolism, I guess) so I 'embrace the hunger'.  I find that by hitting the protein and fats (coconut oil, olive oil, flax, cod liver) the hunger isn't quite so bad.  Once I start in on the carbs, there is no becoming satisfied.


Maybe your body is craving protein or fats and your constant hunger is an attempt to get them in any way possible.

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camprunner I feel your pain...I've always been a hungry nauseated pg woman...and I've always gained more than most (and lost after, but still!).  But after having so many big babies I am trying something different this time.


This time around I am dealing with the first tri differently...I'm making a big effort to not eat differently or more than usual.  I figure if many women can't even keep anything down, then eating healthy and similar to what I was eating previously should prevent excessive first trimester gain.  This is my plan...that and avoiding carbs.  There are no crackers around here.  If I am hungry it needs to be something with protein.  No sugar except on a rare occasion.  Since the rest of my pg I seem to gain weight quickly and have big babies, I figure the first trimester is the only place I need to change.  More fruit, more protein and every few hours...it does seem to help.

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