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Sleep Disorder?

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Our son is now 4 years old, and he hasn't learned to sleep yet. We're starting to really wonder if we need outside help. The sleep problems he has have reeked havoc on our whole family - my relationship with my husband, our relationships with our son, his self esteem, etc.



-had colic as an infant, was constantly sleep deprived - wired, active, wiggly, fussy, inconsolable, etc.

-we spent most all our time trying to put him to sleep in every way imaginable

-sleep nursed all night long up until 2 years old when I night weaned out of desperation

-he started sleeping better at night, but it would still take at least 2 hours for him to fall asleep

-we still spend about four hours of the day trying to get him to sleep (2 hours before nap, 2 hours before bed)

-if he skips nap during the day, falls asleep late, or wakes early, his daytime behavior is unbearable!


For most of the last four years, we have just thought this was normal - it is all we knew. But now we have another baby (15 months old). She sleeps fine, ever since birth! Of course, she has her moments like anyone, and we help her a lot, but it is SO different than our son. This has caused us to realize that perhaps there really is something wrong with the little guy. If so, I feel really bad for not figuring it out sooner, because his sleep problems have really been damaging to our whole family.


What should we do? Sleep Study? Medicine? I'm hoping someone reading this has been through this and can give advice!

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Do you have a pediatrician you trust? I would start by having a conversation with him or her.

Does your son have any suggestions as to what he needs or what he thinks might help? He's old enough that he might be able to give some insight.
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