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I am so tired of bleeding!!!

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We're fine, LO and I both. But I've been having anything from what my midwife calls "sludge" (need I say more? No, I don't think I will!) to moderate, "Ok, if this gets ANY heavier or doesn't stop in an hour, I'm going to be driving to the clinic STAT" red bleeding, both with and without cramping, since two days before I found out I was pregnant. I'm now 12 weeks, and it's not happening as frequently, but still, about twice a week or so...there it is again. I've had 3 appointments with my CNM, everything's going swimmingly. Numbers are good, little niblet is even sucking his thumb on the ultrasound now - SO stinkin' cute. But still, every time I see this happen again, a tiny part of me gets scared.


I look on it as the universe's way of reminding me to relax and stop trying to control everything, or be perfect, but I'm so over it.

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Hugs, mama! I'm going through something similar--had a subchorionic bleed at 7.5 weeks that resolved itself, but then this past weekend at 10.5 weeks I had brown and red spotting. greensad.gif Thank god the midwife saw me on Sunday so I could stop thinking of all the what-ifs--turns out I have a very irritated cervix that is prone to bleeding now! The midwife likened my cervix to a skinned knee! redface.gif At least I have answers and everything is well, but I keep thinking WHY can't I just have an uneventful, no bleeding pregnancy??

Hang in there! Hopefully it goes away as the second trimester progresses!
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Thank you, hugs are very, very welcome. :-) I wondered if that was my case, too, but CNM says my cervix is "pristine." Oy. I mean, thanks, but...um? So glad you have answers!

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So sorry to hear you've been dealing with that stress. I've had some spotting here and there and although the baby is fine my heart just about stops each time I see blood and I convince myself it's over. Turns out I have a polyp on my cervix. A good friend of mine had a full-blown pseudo-period when she was pregnant. We'll never fully understand the mysteries of pregnancy. Glad to hear your LO is okay.
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