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Sperm shipping kits question

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We found a donor that lives really far from us? I know we need a sperm shipping kit, but I don't know where to get it from.

Has anyone used babydustdelivery.com kits? If so, how did it work for you? Did you have a boy or girl? Any other shipping kits out there that are decently priced and easy to get? 

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I have used donorhomedelivery once but am not even through the 2WW yet so don't know if it worked or not. Biotranz is another site but they require a prescription which is annoying, donor home delivery is run by a gay man if it matters to you who is part of rainbow health. My donor is currently on the opposite coast so we are trying this a few times before we meet in person if it doesn't work out. I am also convinced it would be pretty easy to make your own kit with a little research. Good luck!
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Thanks! Good luck to you too!

I don't want to have to get a prescription so Biotranz is out. 

I was wondering if I could make the kit myself but I have no idea what's in the TYB that keeps the sperm viable while shipping or how hard it is to make.

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I don't know about the YB either but at least donor home delivery will just sell you extras of those so you don't need to buy the whole kit each month and can just mail the rest of it back to your donor should you need multiple months. I think nwcryo bank does the kits too.
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My wife and I are ttc baby.# 3 but our donor has moved to Alabama so we too are interested in learning about shipping options. Which kits have people used?
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My wife and I have been using shipped sperm now for 6 mths. I think it's worked out really well mostly bc our  current donor who lives also across the country is so efficient making the process seamless for us. We have used several different places for kits. By far the friendliest was Leland at Donor home delivery. Babydustdelivery has been easy and very affordable as well. Our current donor has told us about nw cyrobank shipping kit and we might try that.


As for TYB, I think that it is the most important part of the shipping process bc it helps the swimmers stay alive longer. I don't think it's possible to make your own TYB...I could be wrong though. Because TYB is somewhat pricy by itself if anyone comes up with a way to make their own TYB, please let me know.


Good luck everyone. fx.

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We used Donor Home Delivery, shipping from the upper midwest to northern California.  We were doing one or two shipments per cycle, usually two days apart, and successfully conceived that way maybe the third or fourth time we used it (with a few in person inseminations and a few months off in between). 


After the first time the sperm arrived I had major doubts that any sperm had survived (and our donor packed the stuff wrong--with the icepack directly against the vial and not separated by a layer of foam), so I compulsively bought a high powered microscope on amazon that happened to arrive the same day as our next sperm delivery. We had done the insemination hours before, and the semen and "buffer solution" that was left in the bottom of the jar was almost all dried up. However, there was one damp little part, and I was able to use that to make a slide. It took me a while to successfully focus the microscope, but when I did I was blown away that there was still sperm swimming around. This sperm had left the donor's body more than 24 hours before, had survived a cross country overnight flight, and had be left to dry in the open air in the 7 hours since the insemination, and there were still some that were alive and kicking. This made me feel much, much better about our chances of conceiving, and it was always fun to look at a drop or two of leftover sperm in the hours after the insemination. 

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Any success stories out there? We have done once try so far shipping with babydustdelivery.com kit with no luck. Feeling a little like thisis impossible so any success stories with shipped sperm would be great to hear!
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We had success! And cordelia15, both in October. We got pregnant on the third try, second try with shipping. Good luck!
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Yup, like easttowwest said, we are currently pregnant and fingers crossed but it is not impossible!  We got pregnant on our third try, second try with shipped.  We did two inseminations each time, one on day of O and one the day after. . . we used donor home delivery but I imagine most of them are the same! 

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