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New here and need some Portland guidance

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Hi there! I'm new here. We are currently in NM but we feel pretty pulled to find our way to Portland-so much so that dh and I are planning for me to take a trip out to check out the neighborhoods and the general area. I'm hoping you ladies can help me figure out what/where to check out while I'm there.


We have 2 kiddos with one on the way but we do homeschool-(Waldorf style). I currently don't work but plan to license as a massage therapist (I was licensed previously so I know it should be a pretty easy thing to do). We are a family that cycles together. 


While we aren't entirely sure where dh will be working yet I'm wanting to find out as much about all things Portland and the surrounding area that we can. We are potentially interested in having a small homesteading property eventually with sheep, goats, chickens etc. But we are also very open to finding the right neighborhood as long as we can have backyard chickens and a great garden (we've been in the desert for a while now and miss having a good garden!).


What parks are great? Resources for homeschool? Museums? The zoo? Great neighborhoods-I've read good things about the Southeast area. Can anyone give me the lowdown on all their favorite stuff about Portland? And favorite midwives too-welcome advice!


Thanks! And so glad to be here!

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Hello there,


I have lived in several Portland areas.  Personally I love the SW Portland area the best.  It is also for me the most convenient as I can be on the East or West side fairly easily, and has lots of green space and hilly areas.   On the West side we have Village Home which is a homeschool community that offers classes for unschooled-homeschooled kids.  My son love the community and gets to take classes in many different subjects. (we go 2 days a week for half days) The local homeschool community is very active with many park days and get togethers.


The Portland Zoo (which I love) and OMSI (the science museum) both have year long memberships which make them both very affordable. If your kiddos are on the younger side they will love the Children's Museum up by the zoo.  Park's, we go to Cooks Park weekly it is nice and big, and has a section down on a quiet calm river.  Tryon Creek has a great park/trail area as does Forest Park.  


Midwives, well as you can see I'm a bit bias, since I am a midwife :) But there are many of us around here to choose from... Come check out the Portland MamaBaby Center when in town and say Hi.  We have many classes and events that we offer.


Welcome to our area :)


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Thank you so much Tia! I'm so looking forward to getting to know Portland!

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We just moved here and live on the South East Side, in the Brentwood- Darlington Neighborhood (just on the edge of the very nice Woodstock neighborhood). 


We wanted a decent size property that was affordable but also in an actual neighborhood and we could only find that on the SE side. We ended up with 1/3 of an acre with the house right on the front, so the back yard is HUGE. Our next door neighbors have extensive gardens and fruit trees as well as backyard chickens. You can have up to 3 chickens "for free" or more with a permit. Our movers told us they have 8 in the city with thier permit. 


We are loving it here! My husband got his bike fixed up and is learning the bike routes, and hopefully soon we will be getting a bike trailer so my son and I can join him! I may need a new bike though as i don't think I will be able to go to far west or north on my single speed bike, some of the hills here are intense! Our neighborhood is flat, but go too far any direction and its very hilly! 

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