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Water broke at 33w 2d: still have not delivered

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New here. My wife's water broke as started above. She has been on bed rest since and has been having regular contractions every night (2-3 per hour) and sporiatic during the day (often hours apart). She is Still not dilated and not in active labor. This is a good thing as we are trying to get past the 34 week mark. My main concern is that my wife is not sleeping well due to all the contractions and is wearing down after four days of this.

Any tips for how to deal with the pain of contractions with no fluid. Tips for getting sleep.

Also, would love feedback from those. That have been through this. W had a mid- wife until this happened, then we had to transfer care. We are getting mixed messages as to A) try and keep him in as long as possible or B) get to 34 and induce if needed. Does the benefit out way the risks by going past 34 weeks? W have had the steroid shots & antibiotics and fetal monitoring has been good.
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Is she in the hospital on bedrest? (I am assuming she is) They have things that can help stop contractions, procardia, terbutaline and so on. For me (I was on hospital bedrest for 4 month) I took prometrium 200mg three times a day. It really seemed to ease my cramping. I will say that my waters were intact and once they broke there was nothing that would work for the pain. 34 weeks is the biggest milestone. But without water sometimes things can go downhill fast. So its all up to the drs and you and your wife.  You have made it very far and babies at 33 weeks can do amazing. Some without any need to be in the NICU.


Terbutaline also worked amazing for me. But it is blackboxed and not reccomended for women who are pregnant. I also am not sure what these medications mean for a baby without fluid. I would ask your Dr if there is anything to make her more comfortable.

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Oh, love and support to you guys!  I wish I had better advice... I can only remember reading in "Spiritual Midwifery" how they gave the laboring mama a shot of vodka to slow down or stop labor so the mam could rest.  24 hours after my water broke I was dilated but not progressing.  I was so exhausted I would find a position and rest for about 15 mins or so and then have to shift and do it again.  I think by then I was so tired that I was "sleeping" through contractions (even though they were 2 mins appart).  I remember wishing we had liquor in the house then...


Good luck to you both! 

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I bet this is really hard for you guys. What are the doctors saying about the health of the baby at this point? Do they have a projected weight? (often times it can be wrong, but Im wondering what they are saying). Do you have a laptop that you can take to your wife so that she can be in communication with others during bedrest? I know bedrest (even for just a few days) can be so isolating and difficult. I know there are bedrest support forums, and we could start a chat here with her if she wants.


From what I understand, (which is just me researching because Im expecting twins and have a higher risk of preterm labor) is that it's best to get to a point where the baby can have the best chance of thriving outside the womb before taking the baby.


As far as the pain goes, has she been taking tylenol? I know it sounds silly, but I had prodromal labor for 3 weeks last time and tylenol really helped with my back and with the headaches that came from the stress of it all.


Remember, at 34 weeks the survival rate of an infant is 97%, which is almost as high as a full term baby.


Here are some links that might be helpful for you:


Bedrest support forum (these women are likely to have gone through this): http://www.keepemcookin.com/bedrest.aspx


Previous Mothering thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1135480/pprom-at-33-weeks-please-help-dr-wants-to-induce-and-i-am-resisting

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I was on hospital bedrest for 10 weeks with broken waters, but I didn't really experience any contractions.  The one time that I started contracting, I was given a medicine to stop them and they didn't return.  They also frequently offered me a sleep medication to help in case I was having trouble, which I never needed thank goodness, but that may be an option as well.


I was told that they'd have taken me to 34 weeks and delivered as well.  At that point, if no other complications arise, the risk of baby staying in is greater than the risk of prematurity.

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