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Lightening and Labor

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I have had lightening already (i'm 33 weeks) and i keep reading that labor usually starts 2 to 4 weeks after lightening happens. If this is the case, I could go into labour at 35 to 37 weeks and actually maybe even earlier because i think it happened by 31 weeks already. Does anyone know how true this is, about lightening and when labor starts, or if it's just a generalization of some sort?

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I read it usually occurs within two weeks in 65% of first time moms. With subsequent pregnancies I hear it can happen weeks or hours before labor. 

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What is lightening?
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Lightening is when the baby "drops"...I had to look it up too!

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Is it pretty obvious to tell? Baby is very heads down but I guess my belly is still perky if that's the term. I never had it with my first because he was breech and had severe polyhydramnios.
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I remember with DD I measured at my largest around 37 weeks, after that baby dropped and I kept measuring smaller because she was so low.

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I carried until 42 weeks last time and didn't really drop much until last days b/c I think there was a huge bag of water in the way. Now I'm 34 weeks and have dropped and baby just moved from posterior or somewhat anterior. I'm a bit encouraged that maybe just maybe I won't go to 42 weeks this time but I kinda doubt the dropping early means too much. Just like being dialated a tad can mean nothing for weeks and weeks.
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