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Anyone doing grain-free, Paleo, that sort of diet?

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Looking for buddies as I consider trying this (again).


Three of my kids neeeeeeed to be gluten-free or they develop rage and depression and crazy psychotic behavior, and the couple of times I tried GF myself I noticed much more stabilized moods and less brain mush. So I've been wondering about wheat and other grains for at least a decade. In fact I sort of intuited that carbs were slowing me down even way back when I first hit puberty. I recognized my addiction to the carbs, and the sluggishness that seems to result from eating them.


But two of my kids are strict vegetarians, and when I learned through Paleo books and sites that legumes are "bad" I kind of couldn't handle it. What do I feed my veggie kids if they can't have grains and legumes????!!


Also, I have a major aversion to eggs, and so many of these grain-free diets are egg-laden.


So.... I could use some help. Now that I'm about into my 2nd trimester I'm feeling the need for way more vegetables and good animal proteins. (Used to be vegan, ah how things change!)


Anyone eating grain-free while pregnant and feeling absolutely wonderful? :)

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I will be watching this thread.  Just started my third tri and need to feel better.

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My husband is paleo. I was raised vegan with no sugar. As a teenager my rebellion of choice was to eat sugar and french fries. I have since decided to eat healthier and realized my mother was right (arent they always- smile). I eat a gluten free diet high in protein (soy, quinoea, and beans etc). veggies, and fruit (a modified paleo diet I like to call it). Our child will be raised paleo. 

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For starters, I am a gluten free meat eater. I dabble in paleo and primal. I haven't decided yet which or if i will change my diet more.


Why not do a mesh of diets then to start at least?  There is no definative evidence that paleo peoples didn't eat some grains and legumes. If they lived in the norther hemisphere, they certainly didn't get any fresh veggies in the winter. Yes, they probably mostly subsited on dried and preserved meats, nuts and fats in the winter, but logically since they were hunter gatherers, they would have gathered something, and ate some at the time of gather and dried or preserved some for later.


Maybe pare down the grains and legumes, but prepare and cook them properly. (Look into Nourishing Traditions by sally fallon or the Weston A price foundation website for some tips) And eat them as they are (ie not necessarily as flour!) So have some fresh corn on the cob, if you eat it in season, it only happens for a couple months of the year. Its a personal decision if you decide to do sprouted or properly prepared corn tortillas. Eat properly prepared beans and lentils, if you kids aren't eating meat, they need protien somewhere. If you don't want to partake, then make it for them. I love rice, but try to save it for special, ethinc food occasions like sushi or fried rice.


Personally, thyroid issues run in my family, so i keep processed soy to a minimum. Occasional soy sauce/tamari with ethnic meals, occasional miso soup, fresh edamame once in a while, occasional japanese tofu dish. That's why people like Mark's Daily Apple strive for an 80/20 rule, nobody is perfect and can do 100% all of the time.

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Hi! I'm currently eating gluten free due to some crazy health problems over the past year. Never got a diagnosis but Iost 30+ pounds, diarrhea, constipation, rectal bleeding, bloating, fatigue, anemia and unrelenting sinus infections, and terrible acne. I had every test under the sun, but they didn't really find anything. I was a long time vegetarian, former vegan, but started eating a little meat and going pretty much dairy and grain free at the suggestion of my acupuncturist. Either that diet or acupuncture or quitting my job seemed to curb the weight loss and clear up my skin a bit. And then I got unexpectedly pregnant. orngtongue.gif


DH prefers vegetarian, and still eats a lot of grains. DD is 2.5 years old and kind of wild. I wonder if I should try her on the gluten free thing? I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and still gluten free, but relying heavily on dairy. Mostly kefir. I also have dipped into a lot of that Udi's GF bread and stuff (insane cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches). 


I have a copy of that Nourishing Traditions book, I need to take another look at that.

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Okay, thanks! I have a copy of Nourishing Traditions requested through the library, should come in by next week.


Mama Bookworm, my last three pregnancies were conceived, unintentionally, each time I decided to go off coffee. Funny what happens when we stop putting what is bad for us in our bodies!

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I think the "raw vegan" diet has all the restrictions you need, plus a few extra, so you might search that term if you need recipes, transition tips, etc.

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I have been paleo since Januray, but I've been off it since I started getting morning sickness. There are so few things that are appetizing that I really have to eat whatever I can. I'm going to try to go back to it once I'm in my second trimester. 

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I've been following a traditional foods diet for 4 years, gluten free for nearly 5, and mostly grain free for 2.5 (raised vegetarian)


Right now I'm eating grains more but am trying to stick with properly prepped nourishing foodways. Just for my budget, sanity, kids preferences and stuff.  I love being grain free, and I still base most of my stuff on local organic meats and produce.  But my older kids go back and forth between my house and my ex's and I think the full on paleo was just harder on them.  Incorporating some well prepped grains and legumes has made nourishing foods more joyful for them, and I am ok with that.


Also, when I can get local, organic, fresh pinto beans from my farm and make a mean stew for dinner with about 2 lbs of veggies, some wild pork sausage, and a little rice and feed us for days on the cheap, it's pretty satisfying.

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