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Teething and high need baby....

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HELP!  I have a DD is high needs and has been teething for a few weeks now (she is 3 months old), but it's getting much worse.  I've had to give her tylenol almost every day which helps some, but I want to find other ways to help since we have years of teething ahead of us.  She is not a very content baby to begin with and she won't nurse (long story-- see BF problems forum and EP tribe) so I am pumping and feeding.  I know she would be happier if I could nurse her when she's unhappy :-(  But, she won't nurse!!!!!  So, I'm stuck finding other ways to console her and to put her to sleep.  She has been a nightmare since this teething started.  My husband said the other day that he doesn't think he wants any more babies after this!  And, I seriously have the same worries.  So, I ordered an amber necklace and hyland teething tabs-- what else can I do????

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Hugs to you and baby. She is so little and teething can be so painful.
For the teething DD loved really hard and really cold things to chew on. A clean, peeled carrot out of the fridge was perfect. Other than that, we used Tylenol when we had to and she really loved cold breastmilk right out of the fridge.
With the lack of nursing, I feel your pain. I was fortunate that after ten weeks of EP, I was able to transition her to breast full time with the help of a very knowledgeable LC. I didn't look up your history but it sounds like you probably tried lots of things to get her back to the breast. I had some luck when she was very drowsy at night and thought it would be something for you to try if you haven't already. I would give her the pacifier and when she was dozing off, I'd switch her to the breast.
I'm sorry I can't offer more advice. It will pass - hopefully quickly - and you will have a break. The first bout of teething was the worst because we were inexperienced and it was new to her. She had one more tough bout so far with her first two top teeth but her four canines and two molars were much less difficult, relatively speaking. Good luck and hope you find something that works.
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I think our LO (14w) might be starting to teeth too.  I can't feel or see anything in her mouth, nothing looks red but she's chewing terribly on her fingers to the point of gagging.  Also at night she tries to bite on her paci which makes it fall out and I have to wake up each time to put it back in.  Her night feed is normally 5-6 am, this morning it was 3.25 just because she had woken up fully.


How did you know she was teething?  Can you see something?  all I can see is a few white spots but they may be epstein pearls...


I was also looking at the thread about amber teething necklaces but i'm not sure if I think safety wise it's a good idea...

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Our telltales were the chewing, the white areas on the gums and the drooling. She would soak her shirts multiple times a day. Once the tooth broke through, the drool significantly slowed down.
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I find that ibuprofen works MUCH better than Tylenol for my son's teething pain. 


@clairebear3, DS _started_ having clear teething symptoms at 3 months and his first tooth didn't break the surface until 6 months. It can take forever!

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