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possible move to wilmington area

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I'd love any and all thoughts from people who live(d) there.  What are the public schools like, job availability?  For our kids and also b/c dh is a public high school teacher; I work in public health research.  We've stayed in Carolina beach and loved it.  We're from the Baltimore area, but are beach-bound laid-back folks.  We're into alternative health, gardening, sports, the outdoors, etc.  Are there houses in Wilmington that are affordable even with a few acres of land?  The average housing cost in our suburban community here is 350,000 but we were looking for a less expensive area.  It seems like Wrightsville beach is really expensive.  TIA!!

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Bumping for input. Anyone?

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aim4balance, I'm not in the Wilmington area, but I'll offer a little bit of input and maybe some Wilmington folks can give you more details. Wilmington does have a HF co-op, Tidal Creek Co-op and I definitely have seen some Wilmy-area MDC moms post here, but in general I think the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) has a bit more in the way of alternative health and the MDC kind of natural family living resources. For your other not-NFL-specific questions the city-data forums have a wealth of info for folks contemplating moving. Wilmington is not an especially cheap area and I don't think the job market is super great, but for teachers it might be different.

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thanks for your input beanma!  I still hope some wilmington area mommas also chime in.

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