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Help with clomid and progesterone!!!

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Hi, everyone.... I have been reading these threads for over a year ttc and now I am on clomid and decided I should start some posts myself. I took clomid 50mg cd3 to cd7 and I am now on cd20 of a 30ish. Let me give you some background. I had a loss in April of 2011 and have been ttc since. I had always had very regular cycles untill I started then stopped bcp.. Then I would go 3+ months with no AF. I started progesterone 200mg days 1-12 of the month (not cycle) for 8 cycles and then stopped for the 9th and missed my period so I assumed it was because I was not ovulating... Dr did blood work and said low progesterone and that I needed clomid and I was to start it this past cycle.. well... his nurse called and said I should wait 12 weeks before doing the clomid because of a possible cyst due to the progesterone interferring with ovulation. (I hope this is making sense)

well, after a lot of tears and crying I decided to do the clomid anyways as I had already filled the RX and I don't want to wait 12 weeks. I also decided I didn't want to go back to that Dr but I had 3 months of clomid already filled. SO! What I want to know is... Should I take the progesterone this cycle WITH taking the clomid or should I wait and see if I miss my period and have a negitive HPT then take it to induce a period? Or should I take it anyways? Also, I tried opks but I am not sure if it was a positive or an almost positive... it was very confusing but I have been BDing a lot anyways.



Thanks! I'm sorry if it seems rambling. <3

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I don't quite understand, but It sounds like you were taking the progesterone to bring on your period.  Is that right?  Have you started a new cycle?  Normally Clomid is taken cycle days 3-7 or 5-9, etc.  You should not take progesterone on the same days as Clomid.  Some women take Clomid early in their cycle and then progesterone supplements after they ovulate to support low progesterone levels.  I don't know if the progesterone supplements women take to support low progesterone and to bring on a period are the same type of medication.  If you are only taking it to induce a period, I would imagine you would only take it when you know you are not pregnant. 


I find OPK's confusing too so I switched to the digital. 


Maybe someone else can offer more wisdom.  Good luck!

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Yes, I took clomid on 3-7 and now I am on cd20. So, I am thinking that I have already ovulated but with the opks being so confusing its hard to tell. The progesterone is the same that you would take to support low progesterone. I do personally use it to induce my period. I am worried because my last blood work said low progesterone and they said that is because I do not ovulate so, if I ovulate will my progesterone levels be good enough to sustain a pregnancy?

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That makes sense.  Your progesterone will definitely be low if you don't ovulate.  If you do, it should be better.  Mine was better when I used Clomid.  There's no way to know for sure if your progesterone is high enough to support a pregnancy without a blood test.  Usually they are taken about a week after ovulation.  Since you haven't had your progesterone tested after ovulation, I really couldn't say if yours is high enough, but it should be better than it was.  Have you tried temping?  It won't tell you when you are about to ovulate, but it should give you a pretty good idea that you did because your temp will rise after ovulation and stay up until around the time your period starts.  The website Fertility Friend has free tracking.  You put in your temps and other info and it calculates when you ovulate and when you are most fertile.  Just a thought if you feel like you want to start tracking.

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I have never temped before just because I get up at 4am for work and I can barely do anything at 4am lol. haha... My friend is temping and her wife does it for her in the morning lol. My husband would not be that helpful. I am going to have to try that if this cycle i don't get my bfp. Thanks for your help, I really really really really appreciate it!  dust.gif baby dust to all!!!!

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Happy to help a fellow Ohioan. I was born and raised in Columbus.  I'm no expert, of course, but I know a few things.  I hope you get that BFP soon and don't need to temp at all!

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oh awesome!!! yay for Ohio! Good luck to you!! I really hope we both get our BFP!!

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