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no tub!

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we have no bathtub; only a walk-in shower. my 10 month old has baths in a baby tub in the kitchen sink but will soon outgrow it. any ideas for me? what do you do with no tub? we had normal bathtubs with my other babes.

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Bring him in the shower.  We do have tubs, but my toddlers frequently showered with me from the time they were a little over a year or so, mostly so I wouldn't have to wait for nap time or my husband to come home to shower.  

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This Ikea tub is pretty big and deep. What if you got this or something like it (even a plastic storage bin) and put it on the floor of the shower? Then he could still sit and play, but it would be contained.

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i have a tub but i shower with the 5 and 2 yr old. is there enough room for a tub of some kind to go in the bottom? just so they can have a little water to splash in or sit in to keep warm? and i always aim the shower head so that it is on me and they get what bounces off of me. they dont seem, to be bothered by my soaps or anything either. i dont usually use soap on them as they seem to get clean enough just having the shower get the hair wet and the little bit of soap they get on them from me. 

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I grew up in a home without a tub, just a shower. My parents got one of those sprayer things and attached it to the shower head. My sister and I would sit on the shower floor and my parents would just sort of hose us down. There was a tiny lip to keep water from flooding the bathroom. That was enough to splash and play with rubber duckies, etc. It was fine; you don't need a bathtub to keep your kids clean and happy smile.gif
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I always took my babe in the shower with me I would bathe her, and when I was done bathing her, Id drape a handtowel over her (that would get soaked) so she didnt get cold and set her down in this:



Id quickly bathe myself and wash my hair and then we'd get out.  It was great because in my walk in shower, there was one area that didnt get any water. That is there area where I'd set her. She loved it, and did it until she was about 18 months, and was able to stand in the shower herself. Our bathroom has been remodeled, so now we have a tub, which is nice :)

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thanks for the ideas...i think i'll find a wide but shallow storage bin and a hose for the shower. i did hold them in the shower but at this size i'm not comfortable with it(slippery, flingy baby!)

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Ive showered with dd just sitting on the bottom of the shower, in an inflatable baby tub on the bottom of the shower and also used a storage bin in the shower. All worked great.

For a while my youngest didn't want to sit in a bin or the inflatable tub so I let her sit on the shower floor and let her lay with a sand bucket filled with water.
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purplerose, I wear knit gloves while holding babies in the shower, so there is some traction between me and the kiddo :) It's kinda weird, but gets the job done.

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We also use the IKEA tub now that babe has outgrown the over-the-sink tub.  It works great, big enough for a big baby but small enough to fit in the shower.  It's also super cheap and has grippy things on both sides of the tub so it won't slide and neither will your babe.

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