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Hello! I'm just starting out making my own kombucha after getting hooked on the synergy drinks.
I scored a free scoby at our local cafe and was able to grow a baby for my tea. Today is the 6th day and I've been told conflicting advice, make my tea and bottle it now and wait at least another week.
I'll admit I'm also a bit scared of doing it wrong and getting sick ect.

Here are photos I took today - do these look Ok?

Help calm my fears?! I've never done anything like this before and to be honest am slightly grossed out hahaha but I salivate just looking at my jar of kombucha and am dealing with some insane cravings for the stuff since I first tried it a few months ago. I'm all drink-it-with-a-straw and don't look eat.gif
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Looks good to me.  Fermentation time depends on temperature, sugar level, health of the scoby, and your personal tastes.  I just stick a straw in there to take a little taste.  If it still tastes like sweet tea, I let it go longer.  If it's getting nice and fizzy and a bit tart, it's ready.  My first batch this time around (revivivng a scoby that had been refrigerated) took just over 2 weeks.  Sometimes it's a lot faster.  I don't think you can make yourself sick -- anything horrible will smell, taste, and/or look bad).

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Thanks! I kind of figured it would make me feel ill if it was "bad" so your advice helps a lot joy.gif

I tried it yesterday and it was still sweet, I'm definitely looking for more of a punch to it.
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