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2 years old "cynical vomiting"

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We are living in Hong Kong;

my 2 years old and 5 months old gets car sick easily. She usually vomits when she gets car sick, but the vomiting usually stops after the ride is over or at most after a nap after the ride.

Since April, we went to a long trip to China, she vomited the whole day even after the trip and for the next 2 day, so we took her in the hospital.  She was in the hospital for 4 days with iv drops, then she was released home, the doctor suspected it was Noro virus.  

In June, we went to a friend's birthday event in Hong Kong, then she continues to vomit for one whole day, this time we took her to the hospital the same night, she continues to vomit in the hospital, this time she was in the hospital for 5 days!   The diagnosis came back with no virus or infection, the same doctor confirmed that she has cynical vomiting, which only happens for 6 years old and above, but it was the best explanation for her

Now in Aug, after a trip back from Taiwan to Hong Kong, she does it again, I am a bit concerned if she is really "cynical vomiting" and is hesitant to take her in the hospital again, since it's really painfully to see her on the IV drops without any effective results!

Now I am giving her Oral rehydration solution slowly, hoping her vomiting would stop soon. Sigh.

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Is this what you are talking about? This sounds really stressful.

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Since it occurs with travel, what jumps to my mind is a change in what she is eating. If there was something different that she ate, then it might be a food allergy.

Ginger tea works well to alleviate nausea and vomiting.

Keep a diary of what she eats and whether she has nausea or vomiting.
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Adaline'sMama: yes it is, and it's very stressing as she vomit whatever she eats to the point of dehydration


Pek64: there's no sign of food poisoning from the doctor diagnosis, but will try the ginger tea, thanks for the advice. She's eating just porridge for now 

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I'm thinking food allergy or intolerance. If she is eating something she normally doesn't eat, then she might be allergic. If she has this problem only when eating out, it might be hard to track down the allergen.

I hope you find the cause and the ginger tea helps.

Please let me know if the ginger helps.

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