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Best probiotics to eliminate & prevent Candida?

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Hi everyone,


I'm having major problems with recurrent/chronic yeast infections over the past 4 months. I feel like tearing my hair out. And no, I'm not pregnant. I want to find a probiotic that will help eliminate the yeast overgrowth and prevent future outbreaks. Or, just a really good probiotic, in general. Any suggestions for good probiotic brands? I tried Jarrow Femdophilis because I read that many women who suffered chronic yeast infections tried this product with success, but it didn't seem to make a difference.


I've already cut out refined sugar. Hasn't done anything yet.


Thanks in advance! :)

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Here are my best remedies:


Stay dry, clean, and use only cotton or nothing on your skin..  Change undies often if you are having lots of discharge...  


Apple cider vinegar: put 1/4 c in a clean glass, add about 1/8 cup warm water and then use to rinse the vulva 2-3 times per day. Also, and I know it sounds strange, take a small size tampon and dip the tip in the mixture, insert and leave for 1-2 hours.  Repeat 2-3 times/day.  It burns at first, but then, nothing and should clear.


Cut out all sugar and white anything.  This is very hard, but worth it.  Keep your grams of sugar per meal to less than 5 like a diabetic.  This is very important for longterm results.  It totally sucks at first but in the summer at least you have lots of fresh veggies around!  Whole grain, lean meats, iced tea without the sugar..  lots of pure water!


Rosemary Gladstar has a great book called "Herbal Healing for Women".  Susun Weed has "Down There", both excellent references for herbal tea blends that can be drunk daily to help balance the system.


Unsweetened cranberry juice, lemon, grapefruit, all acidify the system and help beat down yeast.


I have used vaginal suppositories from the health food store in the first day or two of infection to bring relief.  Check them out.


Goldenseal tincture, 1 dropper twice/day.  Tastes terrible, but helps


GARLIC, eat it, some say put a few cloves in a blender with water and use as a rinse..  {I just eat it}


Monistat or any of those can be effective in beating back the symptoms, but you must follow a regime afterward for a good month to really keep yeast at bay.


Limit sexual activity until you are FULLY healed {no itch, redness or sensitivity for at least a full week}..  This is also hard, but with a caring partner and creativity it can be done.  


Acidophilus, probiotic caps are great.  Get the one that resonates with you and take twice the recommended dose twice a day.  I also love yogurt and eat it every day..  For a yeast infection I eat it 3x/day, plain with a little vanilla mixed in {keep it as low sugar as you can, though even plain yogurt is high in sugar... make an exception of the 5 gram/meal for yogurt, it is so good for you!}


This sounds like a lot, I know!  The most important ones if you want to pick and choose are the DIET, the acidophilus, and the cider vinegar.  I like a good herbal blend, and I am a garlic eater so I use those too.  I very rarely get yeast infections, but I have had a stressful summer and have dealt with this TWICE since June..  So, I feel your pain, here's to hoping we both heal up!

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I am also adding these anti-fungals:
Oil of oregano
Citrus seed extract (e.g., ParaMicrocidin)
Pau d’arco
Isatis tinctoria (indigowoad root)
Undecylenic acid
Caprylic acid

Here's the article that references these: Could yeast be disrupting your digestion?http://www.womenshealthnetwork.com/digestivehealth/candida.aspx joy.gif
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