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front teeth crowns on toddler

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hello my 15 month old went to the dentists 2 weeks ago and i was told she was going to have to get 4 front teeth crown they didn't really explain what type or anything because they were going to send her to a specialist. I really amworried that they will put silver crowns on her front teeth. I have amerigroup insurance. 

I was wondering if you guys can tell me if you guys had to ask for white crowns or if they just do that for the front teeth and if you had to pay how much did it cost. so i can start saving up money i really want white ones.

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We had a pediatric dentist for dd1 when she needed crowns on her front teeth, and they never asked - it was their policy to do the white crowns for kids' front teeth.  I don't recall the cost or whether there was any additional cost associated with it.  I'd ask your dentist.  No need to worry about it, they're usually happy to answer and work with you on concerns like this.

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i hope you havent got her crowns yet! i dont know why your little one would need crowns or even cavities filled. i have amerigroup too and those crappy dentists just try to do work that is not needed to get money, dont let them ruin your kids teeth! She should almost definitely not need any work done on her teeth until her permanent teeth come in! dont let them do it, just leave her teeth be, they will fall out and her permanent will grow. Research it, if you put crowns on baby teeth it could really hurt her permanent teeth while they are coming in.

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