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Hello, I live in the NY area, and would like more info on homeschooling.  Are there teachers specially trained to homeschool special needs children that happen to be exceptionally smart, but just need that 1 on 1 attention, and only are considered having special needs because the school system has labeled them as such???

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Hi and welcome to Mothering. love.gif


I see your post was missed so I'm bumping it up for attention. You might also try posting in Learning at School and Beyond. We often have moms posting in that forum who have special needs children and may have some helpful information to share. 

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We probably need more information. What do you mean "only are considered having special needs because the school system has labeled them as such"? What needs were identified? Do you want a public school teacher to come to your house at the public expense or do you want to hire a private tutor and pay for it yourself? These are two very different situations.

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Hello and welcome!  I would suggest that you would clarify your post here and also post in the homeschooling forum.  That will give folks a better handle on your situation allowing them to respond in a more helpful manner. 


Each child is unique and has special needs, however when the terms "special needs child" or "special needs student" are applied, they indicate something that does not go away with a change of environment or scenery.  Homeschooling a special needs child can mean adjusting to the individual needs they have without the added stress that a school environment sometimes brings.  Each state has laws regarding homeschooling, something that you would need to familiarize with prior to making any huge decisions or changes.  For NY, you could check here... http://homeschoolinginnewyork.com/ or here... http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/NY/default.asp


I have a child who has adhd/anxiety issues that I homeschool.  In the state I am in, it is not legal to homeschool other people's children so we fulfill the role of teacher.  He is supplemented through outside activities and lessons as well as some tutoring and OT.  We make adjustments as needed to properly meet the needs dc has academically as well as his other daily needs (physical, spiritual, emotional).  We are not able to really get anything from the state ed dept here (no testing, iep, plan of any kind, tutoring, curriculum, etc), so anything we do is out of our pocket.  As the homeschool contact from the state told my children "Homeschooling provides you freedom."

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