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Do you stay in one place all the time, extended time or always on the move?
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We have stayed in two places since last October when we left our house. We still work in our area so are not able to travel as much as we would like.

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My goal is to take extended stays.  When I traveled in a car and just tent camped we stayed in the same state for a little over 2 months and the same area most of that time.  We would have stayed longer in the same places but it was difficult finding a good place, and once we did it got too hot to stay there much longer.


Then we stayed another place for almost a month but it was supposed to be indefinite.  And another place for about 2 months until it became rainy and cold and too difficult to stay there. 


When we got an RV we basically stayed in the same place for 8 months.  My next goal is to get going next month and stay there for 9-12 weeks.  After that I want to do a few short trips and then settle in a place for about 5-6 months. 

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We follow dh's job so stay extended time in a location. Now that he joined the union we will stay mostly on the east coast within a few states here so no real traveling for us for awhile.
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