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How is motherhood treating you?

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Thus far, what's your favorite and not-so-favorite thing about motherhood (or, if this is a subsequent baby...mothering this particular kid)?

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My favorite thing, hands down, is getting the opportunity to be a SAHM.


Not-so-favorite would be, ironically, that DD2 is extremely clingy to me, so I get 2 hours a week where I'm kid-free to go Roller Derby, and that's it.  It seems selfish, but as much as I love my kids, I do look forward to those 2 hours.  LOL.  It's saved DH and my love life, too.  If it weren't for those two hours of not getting touched by kids, I don't think I'd ever want sex again.  Simply for the fact that it involves getting touched.  Haha.

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Mothering Q is awesome.  She's a pure joy.  Seriously...LOVE that kid!  My favorite time is when it's just the two of us (which is very rare) and I pick her up and sort of dangle her in front of my mouth and kiss her neck.  The giggles are the best!


My least favorite thing is the change that occurred in the family.  G went from a mellow, easy little love to an overbearing hitting/kicking/screaming/throwing machine.  He turned two the day Q was born so I know part of it is the age, but I think the larger part is going from being my little shadow to one step down the totem pole.  He needs me more than ever right now, but a lot of the time I'm just emotionally spent.  When he walks up and hits either of his sisters I say really really awful things internally.  Having two so close together is more than this old bird can handle!

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Seeing my daughter's personality unfold has been the greatest joy, more than I could have ever imagined.  Seeing how completely in love her daddy is with her.  OMG I love the way she looks at me when she's watching to see what I'll do next, pure love.  She's literally the most amazing human ever, I tend to get lost in her, lol. I just feel like I totally am doing exactly what I should be doing in life. I guess this is what people mean when they tell someone with no kids how they don't even know what living is until they have children.  It's true, life is so much richer with a child.love.gif

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Ahh, good question!


Best thing(s): Watching him struggle and reach milestones.  Watching him become independent.  Seeing him begin to consciously communicate by using his body, his eyes, his voice.  When he's crying at bedtime and I pick him up and sing him a song and he nuzzles his head on my shoulder and his whole body relaxes.


Hardest thing(s): The adjustments that come with going from being a couple to a family - the differences in expectations, not having time to myself when I want it, sex is a chore sometimes...

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My favorite thing is watching his expressions change as he grows. I love it first thing in the morning when I say aloud in a really funny voice  "Papa!!!??? Where arrrre you?" And he immediately takes his eyes off me and looks around the room for his Papa. He mouth is agape and he looks perplexed as he scans the room. Of course, DH is in the bed next to us most nights! Next best thing is when he finds him and squeals with delight! Love my boy so much!


Hardest thing---his inability to sleep longer than 45-50 minutes on his own, night and day and 2nd hardest thing...not having time with DH because of it! 

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I love everything about my baby. She is the most amazing little creature ever! The only hard thing right now is the teething and lack of a full night's sleep.

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I'm totally in love with the baby. He's super amazing. I love all his sounds and movements, I love watching his reaction to the world. I'm loving the relationship between him and our older kids too. 


Going from 2 kids to 3 has been mentally tough for me at times. I'm struggling to feel like I can balance each kids needs as individuals (oh and then my husbands, and myself, the dogs, etc). 

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Best thing about W: at night before bed, and sometimes in the morning if he wakes up a bit early, he gets into this really sweet and silly mood where he'll crawl a few feet away from me, then crawl back, nuzzle me with his face, and smile and laugh. Like "hey! I'm so happy that you're right where I left you mama!"

Worst thing: I never feel like I have enough time with him one on one... I still need to devote most of my time to my older son who just needs me a lot more. And honestly I still somehow feel like I'm shortchanging my older son too sometimes. My patience with him is not always what I want it to be.
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best thing is just how lovey and snuggly this little boy is. he such a sweet natured guy with a lot of spunk. the spunk is part of what can be hard too, though. :) he is very strong willed and lets me know with a scream or a whine as soon as he needs or wants something. one of the other best things that i did not expect is watching him and DH build this amazing relationship. DH is absolutely and positively smitten beyond belief with this little guy. i thought DH really loved me, but wow! they are so into each other.


one of the hardest things for me is something that people don't talk about often, but i think about it. maybe it's because i've had a lot of loss in my life, but no one really tells you how utterly vulnerable you become when you have a child. like a reed in the wind, i say. the idea that i could be ruined for a lifetime in just one moment devastates and scares me. but as someone who tries daily to highlight all the blessings in my life and everything i'm grateful for, i try to not to let those thoughts permeate. sorry to be bummer! i know other mamas can relate though.


overall motherhood is so much more enriching and fulfilling than i ever dreamed it would be. i already want ten more :)

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