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Fort Tryon Park

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I am thinking of heading to the Cloisters next week with my oldest.  I am looking at our transportation options and I read that there is free parking at Fort Tryon Park.  Is anyone familiar with this parking?  I am curious if I am basically guaranteed to find a spot, because I don't want to drive into the city and then realize I have no convenient place to dump my car.   Any information is greatly appreciated.





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I've only been to The Cloisters on a Sunday, so I do not know whether that makes a difference, but yes, there is free parking available there. Weekends are usually the busiest times for anything in the city, but the parking was plentiful on that Sunday (I think it was during the summer), so I would guess it would be fairly easy to park on a weekday as well. Fort Tryon Park is very nice too, with great views on the Hudson River. :)

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