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Car Seat Safety

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Thanks for this.  Soren just moved up a slot and Shay is about to, so it's been on my mind.  I'm kind of excited that they're in the same size seat for now, tho.

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Thanks!  I was actually coming on here to ask about how to adjust the angle of our convertible rear-facing seat, as it's not at a 45 degree angle in the rental van we are currently using. I'm so glad to know about the rolled towel/pool noodle thing. 


Also, any tips on how to convince my three-year-old that having the straps tight enough on her car seat is not akin to murder? Upon tightening it the correct amount she starts SCREAMING and won't stop until she is released. And I know my husband loosens them when I'm not around to make her stop screaming. I don't know what to do.  

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We keep ours tight all the time to avoid the obvious tightening once it's buckled.  It's harder to get the straps on, but better than the crying.

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We adjust ours every time. Different diapers make a big difference.

Shay screams when I put the straps over his arms. Every time.
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SO glad you posted this! Let's keep our kiddos safe!

Btw, with older babies, 35 degree angle is fine.
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We got R's 'big seat' about two months ago as he was just too heavy for the bucket. We got the Orbit Baby toddler seat with the swivel base. Works really well in our cars! And I like that it's a low-toxin seat.


It is a change not being able to carry him into the house still sleeping!! Poor bugger. Gets woken up so often.

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Thanks for the info, J! thumb.gif We switched Jasper over to a big boy seat a couple of months ago. I spent forever installing it, and I think it's in good. The latch strap on the rear/top of the seat was new to me. With dd1 and dd2, there was just the latch on the base. Actually, with dd1 there was no latch. It wasn't mandatory on cars until 2002 and my car was a 2000 back then. I Anyway, I keep meaning to get Jasper's seat checked... I'm pretty sure it's fine, though. It's very tight... barely moves. :)


ETA Big boy seat that is rear facing, of course!

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Yeah, I do keep them as tight as they need to be, most of the time, and she still screams. She just hates the feeling of it tight with a finger-width of space. And she will scream the whole car ride like this. And she is LOUD. Like rattle your ear drums loud. And talking to her doesn't make a difference - she just has funny sensitivities. I'm glad we don't use a car all that often. 


And I kind of forgot that of course most people would be getting a car seat and installing it in their car and leaving it there. We install ours and remove them EVERY TIME we use a car. And often they are different cars, so they need different things to be secure. It's an interesting study in the proper installation of car seats. 

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This might be a good place to ask if you all have recommendations for cars/ high mpg suv's that will fit 2 carseats AND groceries, etc.  We currently have a honda civic and it's a tight squeeze.  We'd ideally be able to fit a small person in between the carseats in the back, if need be.  I dream of having a volvo with third row seating..... Sigh.


Good gas mileage is a definite priority- our civic gets about 30mpg.

I got a CRV when I was pregnant with dd2 and drove it until last year. I loved that car! The rear space was awesome. I could fit tons of stuff back there. It was great for road trips. Mine was a 2004 and got around 24 mpg. I would imagine the mpg has improved since 2004. Of course, the body style was much cooler back then, IMO. Sporty. Now they look all fancy. Lol.
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