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pap smears and pregnancy

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I was wondering if any of you new the risk factors for not getting a pap smear done during pregnancy. I know the last time I was pregnant and got a pap smear I ended up with a bladder infection and am refusing all physical exams and I am currently about 20 weeks pregnant. All other of my lab test that I have had done came back normal and am continue with a vitamin that fits into my diet. So if any of you can list any of the risk factors for not getting a pap smear during pregnancy would be great and for my future appointments I will not be having any kind of invasive procedures done during my pregnancy. 

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There are no risks for your pregnancy for not getting a pap. The purpose of a pap is to test for cervical cancer not any pregnancy related condition. If you have a history of negative paps there is no reason to test now.
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A pap smear is done to your cervix, so I am not sure how it could have directly caused a bladder infection, unless you think you were sensitive to the lubricant and didn't wipe it off/pee after the exam. 


I had a pap at 8 weeks because I was due for one and it didn't cause me any problems or bleeding. But I probably would not have wanted one at 20 weeks. Is the care provider pressuring you to have one done because of a specific issue you are experiencing?

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I would not allow one during my pregnancy. My two primary reasons for this is that (1) any treatment for an abnormal result would be delayed until after delivery anyways, and (2) pregnancy itself can cause cellular changes to the cervix which can read as an "abnormal" result even if everything is fine. 


Besides, I don't want ANY invasive exams right now - feeling extra protective of my and my baby's space. Stay away. This part is only my personal feeling, though, and I am honoring it. 

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I've declined the pap smears for my last three pregnancies and this one without any problems.  I generally avoid invasive procedures, none of my care providers ever had any problems with me declining them.

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I wish I had declined recently, I had very painful pap! It did cause a bit of spotting, but at least she warned me that it would.

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