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Help please with cruelty free??

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I live in tricities WA and need to know if anyone out there can help me find out about cruelty free eggs,cheese,and meats.

I have found meat I think but I'm wondering about eggs.I usually get the large case from Costco but I reciently decided to find out and am having a hard time getting the info.Any info would be appreciated.

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I don't live in Tricites, but I found this:  http://tri-citiesguide.org/farm-markets.htm.  Hope that helps!

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There is no such thing as "cruelty-free" eggs, meats, or cheeses. But there may be products that meet your definition of humane. You can't truly trust labels; they are misleading. You have to visit the hatcheries, farms, and slaughterhouses yourself to know for sure.

The label "cruelty-free" really only applies to animal testing, not animal farming and slaughter. It means a product was not tested on animals. But it's not a legal definition and is not enforced by any government entity.

The label "humane" by itself has no legal definition. It literally means nothing on a package of meat.

More: http://www.humanefacts.org/labels.htm
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Some of the farms I buy from have gotten certified by an organization called "Animal Welfare Approved.". It requires farm visits and meeting a checklist of practices etc. I'm on my iPod but I know they have a website, because when the place I get my eggs finished the Process they had brochures at their farmstand with the info.
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I took the liberty of examining the standards for the "Animal Welfare Approved" label. Here's what I found:

- If the farms follow the guidelines then chances are the animals lived relatively well before slaughter.

- If you're simply unwilling to adopt a cruelty-free diet (vegan) then this label is a kinder alternative to purchasing standard animal products.

- Keep in mind, some farms may not follow the guidelines year-round and may only appear to follow them when the once a year inspection comes up.


Also, the guidelines have some loopholes:

- For example, eggs bearing the label can come from hens purchsed from hatcheries that grind up the unwanted male chicks alive. The specific wording is "If only males or only females are required the unwanted birds may be removed from the AWA system"

- Another example, calves may still be removed from their mothers and raised for veal. The guidelines say they can be slaughtered at 4 months of age. But they can be sold to a non-AWA farm when they are just one week old.

- Dairy cows may still be slaughtered when they are no longer able to produce high quantities of milk (a fraction of their natural lifespan).

- The guidelines recommend "on-farm slaughter" because it's less stressful to the animals and avoids any problems related to humane transport, but the guidelines acknowledge that "On-farm mobile slaughter is not readily available." The same thing is said about controlled atmosphere killing (CAK) - it's preferred but not readily available. And thus the AWA label approves of less humane slaughter practices.

- For most animals, a blow to the head by a blunt object is not considered a humane method of euthanasia. However there's an exception for piglets below 12 pounds.


And remember, the Humane Society says these are "The highest animal welfare standards of any third-party auditing program."

I think we can do better.

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