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Beautiful NIP Experience

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Just have to share:

Last week I was with DH2 at an outdoor market and he woke from his nap, and starting getting restless in the mei-tai. An older woman next to me commented that he looked hungry and I should give him something to eat (i.e. a bottle). I told her that he's breastfed, and she made this dramatic gesture of fascinated surprise. Then she pointed to a step and encouraged me to feed him.

I was a little bemused, but after a moment sat down and started to nurse. Right away, the owner of the shop encouraged me to use her chair, so I sat down and immediately the older woman called all of her grandchildren (and the rest of the children in the shop around) to come see this adorable baby (nursing).

Subsequently, a few women looking at clothes nearby looked on fondly and said how sweet, etc. NO raised eyebrows, NO dirty looks--breasfeeding was seen as sort of a novelty, but also natural-normal.

I've NIP with my two other LO's and have had all kinds of experiences but this was one to really share and celebrate! cross-posting this is breastfeeding. :)

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That is very sweet!  What a great experience!

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What a great experience srplayas!  The feeling of community that NIP can cause is always so nice.


You inspired me to share my best NIP experience which happened with DS2.  My parents, DS1, DS2 and I visited my uncles farm in the morning and stopped at a Wendys for lunch on the way home.  We sat in the middle of the restaurant next to an elderly couple.  The wife commented on DS1's curly blond hair so we breifly chatted.  My dad was holding a fussy DS2 while I wolfed down my sandwich so I could nurse him.  After I finished, I nursed DS2.  I didn't cover up or do anything special to hide the fact that I was nursing.  I did catch the eye of the wife sitting next to us and smiled once but she quickly looked away.  As I was finishing up, the husband said "excuse me, ma'am..." and I thought, oh boy, here it comes.  But he went on to say how nice it was to see someone breastfeeding in public and so naturally.  He said how he grew up on a farm and everyone breastfed.  It was so refreshing to have a positive NIP especially with people I didnt expect.

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Yay to great NIP stories!!  How wonderful.  :)


I haven't had any negative experiences, but nothing super positive either. 

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My most memorable experience was with DS1- so awhile ago....  I had him in the sling and we were at the grocery store just shopping away.  Of course he was lunching the whole time.  This very elderly gentleman came up and unexpectedly  pulled the sling away so he could see DS.  I was stunned- but then he said so lovingly "  Ohhhh that is the way to feed babies".  Not perky or anything- just as sweet as could be and then walked away. Not really awkward at all.  


I have had poor experiences- but I just learned really quickly that when a baby is hungry the baby should be fed.  Much more pleasant for everyone....  When my first 2 were little I NIP all the time.  Now that I am on baby #5 I look for the quiet space just because I want to enjoy a couple minutes of quiet!    I have even started sneaking to our bedroom when I can.....  Everything is just so loud- lol.

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