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Bunk vs Trundle. Is the trundle a bad idea for kids making own bed?

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Our kids room is very small. And, we are ready to buy a bed for our 2 year old because DC#2 is due Dec.


I have very limited options as the room is small and the window is strategically placed where only a mid-loft bed can go.

And, I only want to buy once... not a toddler bed now, another twin later, etc.


So, I am looking into a loft that can fit a bed on top & bottom...

Example: http://www.bunkloft.com/loft%20beds%20107.html


But, I am also looking at the twin bed with a trundle twin bed & drawers.

Example: http://www.homeclick.com/coaster-furniture-300107-la-salle-twin-captain-s-bed-in-white/p-528945.aspx?chnl=productads&ven=google&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=528945300107


I like both... but, am wondering if the trundle is a bad idea. How do the kids make their beds... would they have to work hard to make their beds? Do the trundles seem "flimsy"?


I considered getting the slide option... it's really LONG for the kids room, but I am thinking of adding shelving underneath.

Example: http://www.bunkloft.com/bunk%20beds%2030.html


On a different topic... can a 2 year old & 4 year old share a twin bed in the meantime?

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we have a trundle and it works great in our small space.  In fact if were ever in a larger home with bigger rooms I'd definately do trundles again.  As far as the durability I think that would go along with the quality of manuf.  We have one from cafekids and it has been extremely durable and sturdy.  we've moved it and it is quite heavy and is well reinforced (dovetails,slats,etc)  we did pay dearly for it thought but I can see it lasting until me kids leave.  The top bed can easily be made, the bottom can only have a sheet set on it with out the bedding getting all bunched up when rolled underneath.  we usually just fold the quilt for the bottom at the foot of the first bed. 

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I would go with the trundle option and fold the blankets. If it's too hard for the kids to fold themselves, I'd put a basket in the room to store the blanket during the day.
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Hmmm. Two for trundle.


DH is not convinced about the trundle. I still haven't decided.

We live in a cold place, so blankets will definitely be used. And, since the room is small... a basket will take up space.


I like the idea of folding the bottom blanket on the top bed. But, DH says that now one kid depends on the other... and it doesn't seem he likes that. I don't see why that would matter. (He always had his room spick-n-span... and needs immense order... so he wonders if one kid will be like that and not the other.)


I definitely want a bed that lasts a lifetime... not sure if 14 year olds would like bunks or trundles. Maybe by then, we'll switch rooms... parents w/ the smaller bedroom.

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We have two bunk beds at our house and I hate, hate, hate, them. It's so hard to make the top bunk. Getting the bottom sheet on is almost impossible and by the time I'm done I feel like I've spent and hour at the gym. Because of this my kids' sheets get changed much less often then they should. It's also hard for kids to make the bed up because you have to be on the bed as you're making it so they never do.
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AngieB: Wow, I am leaning toward trundle now. But, do you have regular height bunks or mid-high lofts? I was considering these... they are not that high. Top of loft is at about 4 feet.

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the thing that I like about our trundle is that the trundle is able to pull all the way out (we even put it in another room when we had family visit)  so remember not all trundles require the two to be attached, if that makes sense.  we have cafe kids that we bought at costco. plus another "up" side is that Im able to pull the trundle all the way out to get the sheets on when changing.



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