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8:30 Bedtime for Almost-Two-Year-Old?

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Looking around the forum it seems like ideal bedtimes really depend on the specific child. My DD is almost 22 months and goes to bed at 8:30 every night, waking up at 5:00 to nurse and then waking up for good at 7:00 a.m. She does really well with a consistent bedtime and happily gets in bed and talks and sings to herself until she falls asleep. 


I'm just wondering if 8:30 is too late. She has never really shown signs of being tired at night even when she is (by the time she hits the meltdown, we've waited way too long), so we have just kind of based her bedtimes on when she seems happy to go in the crib. It used to be 7:00, and we have pushed it back by half hours over the past year or so. But now this seems awfully late to me. She doesn't necessarily seem tired during the day; she is in a pretty fussy phase but I've chalked it up to normal toddlerhood. My concern is that if we start putting her down earlier she might stop sleeping through the night. What have your experiences been?

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If she seems fussy during the day, I might try moving bedtime forward half an hour.  Once or twice, to see how it goes.  If it doesn't appear to be working, I'd go back to 8:30. 


I don't think there's anything wrong with 8:30, and I especially don't think there's anything wrong with "up for the day" at 7, which is the part I really wouldn't want to mess with, because I sometimes do feel pretty iffy about "up for the day" at 6:30.

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What about naps?  Bedtime is really just relative to when your LO woke up, so if her wake/sleep intervals seem normal (I want to say 11 - 13 hours of total sleep at that age?), then it's not too late.  If it's not working for you personally, then you can always try inching everything - bedtime, wake-up time, nap-time, up by a little bit at a time.   But, really....if she's falling asleep easily by herself when you put her down, I wouldn't mess with it!

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In our house, 8.30 would be considered obscenely early, haha. Our kiddos have always gone to bed at 10 or later b/c I like to sleep in. They currently wake up between 8 & 9 am. 7 is waaaaaay too early for me to do every day. The 2yrold sometimes skips her nap, but generally takes a looong nap (2-3 hours). 4yrold takes an occasional nap. Like pp said, if your system is working, leave it alone! Don't worry if it seems "too early" or "too late". You and your lo know what is best together :)

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Yes indeed! Their schedule depends on yours, too, a bit.


My son is the child of two musicians. He goes to sleep at 11 and wakes up at 9 or 10. Like we do. We didn't do that on purpose, he just sort of figured it out.


I suspect we'll have to kind of work the bedtime earlier by half hours until he reaches school age.

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It just depends on what time you want your child to be awake and asleep. If the times work for your lifestyle and your dd is really consistent with when she falls asleep and wakes up then I wouldn't try to change things much.


I would really just figure out how many hours of sleep your dc seems to need to be well rested and make sure she gets that no matter what time she goes to bed.





My dd naturally needed 12 hours of sleep to be well rested when she was younger and then only 10 hours when she got older.

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