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Chewing food and spitting it out.

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On and off for the past couple of weeks.  My 23mo DS will eat most of what is given to him.  But every so often he will hold the food in his mouth then spit it out???  I'm not concerned about any sensory issue since he will eat just fine.  How does one get past this stage?  I've tried saying "take smaller bites." or asking him if the wants some water.  I'm not serving him anything that is hard to chew.  He's picky in the sense that one day he will eat noodles then the second can't stand them.  What did you do?

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I guess I have a ways to go but my 16 month old does the exact same thing. Every now and then, out of the blue, she will refund a bite then carry on merrily. She also goes through phases. For three days she will LOVE bananas then won't touch them for a week and only eat dairy for a day or carrots or some other random thing. I read that with toddlers it's much more realistic to ensure a balanced diet over the course of a week than each day. I can't give you help except to tell you that I do what you do: say things like take smaller bites and no thank you when she tries to hand me pre chewed food eyesroll.gif
I think it's probably just part of experimenting and learning and I'm not bothered by it but hopefully more experienced moms will weigh in soon.
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My 23 month old DD has started to do this recently. I micromanage her bites because they have always been HUGE so now she spits out a bite of food and tells me "small bites!"


Little bugger. Just a phase. I just tell her every time she does it "No spitting food." and then I just carry on like it didnt happen. She usually just puts it right back in and finishes eating it.

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I can't remember at what age he stopped doing that but I do remember clearly how annoying it was and how much I was looking forward to that phase ending! He's 26 months now and he must've been maybe 18-22 months when it slowly faded. He still will do it on the rare occasion if he changes his mind mid-bite, but he used to do it all the time pretty much from when he started solids right through.


Don't worry, it'll pass. I feel your pain though, it's a really messy habit and there's nothing we can do but wait it out. redface.gif

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