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June Mamas April 18-24

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My heathen turn!

Rynna-I am so happy you are having a girl! Hope you can find something to do with all those boys clothes I just sent you! :

Well, I think I actually found a RL friend! I have lived here for a year and a half and still have no friends/don't know anyone that has kids Tain can play with. I have tried the usual outlets without anything positive coming from them. Soooo, I wrote a mama on MDC a while ago when I noticed her location was the same as mine. I never heard anything back, which didn't really surprise me, then out of the blue last wk she pm'd me. Evidently, she didn't know she had any pm's. So we got together at the park on Thurs and she's really awesome. Has a little boy half a yr older than Tain and due in June like us. She's coming with me to my mw appt on Tues to see what they are like (she's thinking of switching providers). It is so nice to know someone like-minded and cool in town!

Smithie-by the end of today you'll have a dust ruffle and quilt ready to go! (Quilt is already done-did it yesterday. It is VERY fluffy!)

I bought some Tums Lasting Effect last night. They aren't kidding, I only took 2, reflux was gone in 5 min and I slept wonderfully. They feel funky on my tongue, though, almost acidic, though that wouldn't make any sense.

Other than sewing, not much else has been going on over here.

QoC-Congrats! Hope you get the house-how fun!
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Oh, this baby will already be wearing mostly boy & gn clothing. :LOL I'm going to have to see if there is any tiny clothing left from my nieces (but I think it's all long gone ). I'm really annnoyed that I missed all the good clearance sales to buy summer girl clothing, though. Oh well, we'll deal!

I'm so happy again.. the weather is beautiful, I'm no longer terrified about NewBean... geez, there's nothing like a scare to make you really appreciate it when things go well! :LOL
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Yesterday dh put all the outlet covers on the electrical outlets and set up the crib. We don't know when we will use the crib, but it's all ready to go for whenever!

I also have this painful ingrown toenail that I made much worse by digging at. OUCH!

Yesterday someone also asked me when I was due, and I told her in 6 weeks, and she said "You must be so ready to have it right now!" And I could actually say no to that, which was nice. With #1, around 30 weeks, I was thinking "Why can't it be born now? It would probably live!"
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: :LOL : I just read the bit about the thick black line! :LOL

Okay, that's a spoiler; when you go to type a message, one of the buttons on top says 'spoiler'. If you click on it, and then write in the box that pops up, you'll get a big black line. In order to read it, you drag your mouse over it to highlight it.

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
They're really lots of fun, and I've been looking for a good excuse to use one, so finding out that I'm having a little GIRL was the perfect opportunity for me! :LOL
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Oh, that is cool! Now that I know how to play, too...

"Smithie-by the end of today you'll have a dust ruffle and quilt ready to go! (Quilt is already done-did it yesterday. It is VERY fluffy!)"

I'm so psyched! We've been doing the crib-shake at Babies 'R Us for several months now, and started up again in earnest when we decided that the 6 y.o. Jenny Lind we got from my cousin was simply too rickety. I'm gonna try to get dh down to our baby/maternity consignment shop today - they have a bunch stacked up against the wall. We liked the Childcraft ones much better than the
Jenny Linds, but I sure don't want to blow $200 on a crib that is basically going to serve as a staging piece for Julie's art.

Yard work today - I'm going to pick up a huge pile of rocks while dh yanks a huge pile of ivy up by the roots. Got to practice those squats!
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this weekend in austin is the Bob Marley Festival. i went for about 4 hours yesterday and i hURT so bad!!!! i feel crippled. i cant move without sharp pains..its my pubic bone, and tailbone, and all the mucles, nerves, tendons underneath me...the pain goes all down my thighs. i have been having this pain for a couple of months now, but it is SOOOO bad after walking so much yesterday. its bad when the thought of sex or walking around the block makes you shudder in fear...
i SO SO SO want my baby to come out a little early..like 2 weeks...seriously! i cant deal with her being late like kiryn...and the only way i dont want to have a panic attack is if i think- ok she'll come out in 1 month... i had a dream i had her on the 15 th of may..sounds GREAT to me!
i know she'll be smaller, but at this point (feel guilty for saying this) i dont care! as long as shes big enough to nurse and not go to the hospital im good. this pregnancy has been such a drain...i really thought that pregnancy was fun..until this one...
oh, and i am sick of eating..the the food that tastes good is a guilt trip for me cause it's not healthy..
just one more month...right? RIGHT??? :LOL
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Originally posted by Greaseball
With #1, around 30 weeks, I was thinking "Why can't it be born now? It would probably live!"
I did the same thing, starting around 34 weeks with Eli. :LOL I was like "He's probably cooked, can't we just get him out?!?!" This time, I'm looing at the calendar thinking "Oh no, I don't know if there's enough time to finish my sampler!! "
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I hope it is born early but not too early, since dh will be back from a trip at exactly 37 weeks. My daughter was early but not as early as I'd thought- I looked it up on my date book from 1994. The midwife's wheel said I was 37 weeks when I called (they were busy and hoping I wasn't really in labor) but according to the dates they'd given me before I was 37 +5 days. So I am reassured. However I am so big in comparison to last time I am afraid I will start to go mad if this one is not early. Still, that was ten years ago so I don't know if it is at all likely there is some sort of pattern, though the midwife said I was "probably a fast gestator" and should be ready by 36 weeks.

When I think of the fact 36 weeks is in less than 5 weeks though, that is very nervewracking. None of the home renovations I'd hoped to complete will be done (oh well) and at this rate I will be lucky if any of the baby stuff I wanted to have ready will be (nothing was ready when my daughter was born, because everyone said, oh, first babies especially are always late!). But I have finished the rainbow silk/flannel blankets, have a moses basket, washed the clothes, still have plenty of stuff from ten years ago, and hopefully family and friends will chip in for the things on the registry I finally and grudgingly created online (grudgingly because you have to enter a due date and I had so far successfully kept that a secret). As long as I order my diaperaps in time and the birthkit stuff I suppose that's all we really need anyway.
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I was originally wanting to go at least 41 weeks so that my sister would be able to be with dd for the birth, but it looks like that might not work anyway and dd will have to go stay with the inlaws.

So I'm thinking either 38-39 weeks or a few days after the due date would be best. At 41 weeks dh has a major school project due, and on the due date is not good because there is this annual event we like to go to and there is no way we'll be able to if it means missing the kid's birthday every year!

If I went 42 weeks, my sister would be here, dh would be done with school...but I will have school a week after that! I want more time relaxing with the baby before I have to go back.

Once I pass 37 weeks, I'm going to try having sex only on the weekends just in case that starts labor, since dh will still be in school.

So I'll try beaming these thoughts to the baby and see if it agrees.
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I don't think I will go over. Tain was a first baby and he was 3 days early, tho we don't know how accurate his edd was (hadn't been keeping track of my periods, very frustrating for HCP's-lots of dirty looks, eventually done by u/s, but at 15 wks which isn't THAT accurate). So even tho I don't really have a good idea of whether or not Tain was truly early, I just have a feeling that this one will be. Not by a lot, but I don't think we will go over by a wk or 2 either. Which is why I'm in this birth group, since my edd is the last day of June!

Man, the wind is gusting today! It says it is 11 mph with 42 mph gusts. Still a pretty day, but one better suited to looking than being outside.

I haven't really exercised at all this pg. I know it is bad, but between my back, our budget and the weather, I couldn't really do anything through the winter. Now that the weather is nicer, I have been taking walks and my lower legs are killing me! I finally took a break last night so my legs could relax... They feel better today, but my guys aren't home to walk with so I may stick in a tape I got very early in my pg, before my sciatic problems and my chiro telling me to only do walking. I tried to do the yoga video from my pg with Tain-man, am I inflexible! gotta work on that. but it also really hurt my back, so I may just do the leg stretches in it and forego the rest.

Anyway, have some stuff to do...
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HEy girls! How's everybody doing? We;ve had a busy week. I finally hired my mothers helper to come over so I could get somethings done. I got the baby's room cleaned out and painted, the carpets are now clean and dh finished oldest dd's headboard and we got her room straightened around. Now I just need her dresser to come in so I can change her dresser to the baby's room(it has the changing table thingy) and I need to go through the newborn clothes and see what is weather appropriate.

We had our orientation today at the hospital birth center. The only possible problem is w/ us declining the eye goup. They have to report it to the hospital social worker who will need to speak to us. We have a letter from our family doctor so it shouldn't be a big deal. It's so rediculous! I mean seriously I've been with the same person for 12 years! HE is the ONLY person I've ever had sex w/ without a condom and I've been tested w/ each pregnancy. I'm clean for crying outloud! It just frustrates me. I told dh that this is the reason I wanted to have this baby at home! But since we live in the lovely state that we live in not only are there very few lay midwives(the closest is over an hour away) but you have to pay completly out of pocket. UGH! I wish it wasn't an issue but it is! I know my birth experience will still be a good one and maybe I can help my girls have a homebirth if they so choose!

One thing that cracked me up was they gave me this huge packet on breastfeeding. I was like I'm a La Leche League leader and I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old. I've been breastfeeding for 5 years so your preaching to the choir! :LOL The poor nurse! She was just trying to do her thing.

We registered today for the few odds and ends that we need. I'm starting to get the feeling my neighborhood playgroup friends are up to something! We registered at Babies R Us and they had a little sign about the Welcome addition Club that you could sign up for when you register. I told the lady that I didn't want to sign up for the formula thing and she smiled and said that's good cause I don't like to sign people up for it! THey also had a pamphlet about Babies R us and Medela working together to promote breastfeeding! It made me feel so much better about registering there.

Alright I really need to get to work! Have a great end to your weekend!
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I'd like to go about a week early, I think Summer Solstice would make a great birthday. Also, DSO took a month off from work, starting two weeks before my EDD. So going a week or so early would give him a little more time home with the babe.

The renovations are almost complete on my bedroom. Though it looks like I will have to call a real electrician to work out some screwy wiring that the people who lived here before us did. We can't manage to get everything up to code and working correctly.

We put up the new cordless honeycomb shade today. It looks 100% better than the old icky metal miniblinds that we had and since it's cordless I don't have to live in fear of the baby strangling itself in the cords... though I still need to do something about the other four windows with miniblinds.

My parents are coming to visit next weekend and bringing my bedroom furniture. Hopefully this will put an end to the piles of clothes everywhere. My mom is planning on buying us a crib. I've been eyeing one at Pottery Barn Kids... it's a bit $$$, but really sturdy. I really like the ones that are solid on the ends, they just seem less jail like.

Oh I got the results back from my GTT and I passed with flying colors. I'm happy I don't have to drink the goo again and dso is mollified.

Looks like my assistance is needed downstairs... hope you all are having a great weekend.
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I'm hoping to deliver when NewBean is fully cooked and approx. 8 pounds. With Eli, I was desperate to have him out but this time, I am much more content to wait. I definately want to deliver before the 4th of July, but that's all I can really say. :LOL
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Well, I've been thinking the whole time that I'll go early, but now (with all the house craziness) I want to go on my due date - June 5th. We'll see... I know it sounds silly, but I really feel like I get to decide when to have the baby. I decided the week I wanted to get pregnant 6 months beforehand - and it worked! I truly believe that you create your reality...

I'm still feeling great - just get tired easily. I think the baby is starting to get crowded, too! Lots of moving and trying to stretch. Another person as church today ask me if I was having twins, too! : I'm not THAT big!
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The whole wanted to get pg at a certain time definitely did not work for me. And I really wanted a girl. No go on that one, too. But I think labor is a little different, within reason. Tain really needed to come soon (my blood pressure was climbing and mw was afraid he was getting big-I gained a lot of weight) and a co-worker of mine told me March 10th was mothering day in the uk, so that whole week I told him he needed to come on March 10th. He only missed it by about 2 hrs.

Oh, wanted to note, Rynna. I think your baby will be nice and big. When you have said that Eli was not fully cooked, I thought that meant he was small, but Tain was definitely full term and he weighed less than Eli did-7 lb 1 oz. My family has smallish babies.
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I had a pretty darn good weekend this W/E!! Im glad to see that everyone seems to be doing okay...
On Saturday I went to our area LLL conference! It was fantastic! There's just something really about being surrounded by hundreds of nursing mommas, and seeing dads carry sling babies and care for toddlers while moms are in session. I got to see some great speakers, and I met Suzanne Arms, a huge birth celebrity!! That was probably the highlight of the day. I made myself super late for one of my sessions cause I was talking to her. She has been a huge inspiration on my life the last few years, and I can probably guarantee each of you know at least one thing she's written or seen at least one of her photos or videos. It was so awesome to meet her and talk to her about changing the future. Shes amazing.
Anyway, I'll stop gushing, LOL...
Today I took both kiddos out shopping. Not normally a good idea, but DH was meeting up with a friend of his, so big deal. The children weren't awful and I actually found everything I was looking for in the most unlikely place (Target). i had planned to be quick there and shop at the mall, but it ended up the other way around. I've been looking for some xl jeans since my rear is growing out of my larges ( traitorous bottom!) and found a pair there, although they have the full frontal belly which Ive come to really hate. Its still better than feeling like a sausage, and since Ive been looking for xl everywhere with no luck, I bought them. I even bought a size larger than I fit into, with shrinkage and another month of poundage on my thighs they should still fit.
I also found a pair of stretchy slinky black pants that just felt so good i had to buy them, they dont have a panel, so theyll be great for the next 6 months while I work my way up and back down the scale. I found nursing bras (GASP!) in my size (never easy to find) and ON SALE, so I added to my collection...
Then we went to the mall for lunch, LOL.
Overall, a pretty damn productive (and expensive) weekend.

I put away all the childrens winter clothes about two weeks ago, so it was chilly all this week. I was happy that I kept a couple things out just in case. I've also started clearing out the garage in hopes of getting my dh to help my really clean it before MIL gets here.

Yikes, MIL!! She's coming in three weeks and staying until the baby's born! Yippee!! Im excited that she will be here for the birth of the baby, but a little anxious too. I have no idea how she feels about HB and Im afraid I'll feel like a watched pot. Im also kinda afraid she'll want me to eat weird stuff, LOL... anyway, I just wish she wasn't leaving so soon after the baby will be born, thats when I'll need help.

I need to start cleaning... I need to start NOW. Can someone lend me some nesting hormones?

Congrats Rynna, on finding out its a girl!!
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I so need this baby to hold off until at least June 26th! No coming early for this one. I went to 42 weeks with DS so although I hope I don't go that late again, I don't want to be surprised with an early birth.

My last day of work isn't until June 25. My mom flies in from the UK on the 26th and so we all decided the baby can come June 27th. Mom guessed when Hunter was going to be born on the day, month and hour! So she is going with June 27/28 with this one. I hope she is right. I also want a Cancer and NOT a Gemini!

I feel really good though. Still going to the gym on a regular basis (4x a week) and walking the dog nice long walks (3 miles) on the other days. None of this has stopped me from gaining a ton of weight (30lbs at the 29 week appt.) but I feel good, look good and have lots of energy!

We went to Greece for Easter and had a very nice relaxing time... its nice to be back but now we need to get things ready. Nothing is washed. Though i do have diapers. and enough onesies and gowns to last for awhile.
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When do I want the baby born???? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Although I think I would prefer that this little monkey come a little late I think that I'm going to be overruled. I have this really strong feeling that this one is going to be early. My oldest was 5 days late and my second was born on her guess date so we'll see. My oldest turns 5 on the 13th of June and that is the weekend of her recital at dance. I really hope the baby isn't born until after the 14th. My doula is going out of town on the 19th so if I go early I would really like to go sometime between the 14th and the 18th. My dh wants the baby born on Father's Day, which is the 20th. I think I would really like a Thursday baby. Then if dh takes a week off he wqould go back on a Thursday work for 2 days and then be home for the weekend. So I guess I would say I want this little one born on the 17th! I need to start visualizing that now!

THe girls and I need to get ready. We're touring a Krispy Kreme this morning with our Mommy & Me group. It should be fun!
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Rynna- Sooo glad to hear you got good news at the ultrasound!

I'll be honest, I'm about ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing, but my baby needs to be at least 37 weeks to be born at the birth center, so it has to wait till May 29-6 more weeks! My grandfather's birthday is the 6th, I think so that would be a cool date!

DS was born at 38 wks but I think my due dates were off because they said he looked only 36 wks when he came out. He was 7lbs 8oz, so I have a feeling this baby's going to be a big one! Like Rynna, I'm hoping for an 8+ pounder.

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Oh, I just have to share the freaky dream I had last night. I was in labor with the baby and for some reason, instead of going the the birth center I had to go to a hotel. I was very worried about making a mess in a hotel, so I went to the drug store to buy some chux (sp?) pads but they didn't have any! The baby started crowning when I was waiting in line at the checkout!! Somehow I made it back to the hotel and my midwife came to deliver the baby. It was a girl and I named her after the midwife!
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