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Aren't pregnancy dreams strange? I've had some bizzare ones this time around.. I tell Mike about them, and he's never quite sure what to say. :LOL I think I enjoy freaking him out a bit too much.

Last night, I went through Eli's winter clothes and folded them up; we're going to need to get a few rubbermaid boxes for storage. At any rate, I'm looking through and realizing that he didn't wear any of the 18 month size pants except for one pair that had belt-loops; all the rest were too big and slid off his non-existant hips, even with the giant cloth diapers! Next time I buy clearance stuff (where I bought all of his winter clothing for this year last March/April; garage sale prices for new stuff!) I'm going with my instincts. I wanted to buy everything in 12 month size, but it just seemed silly to me so I bought some 12's and mostly 18's. Oh well, he'll wear them next year! :LOL

Eli's summer clothing ranges from 3-6 months to 12 months. I bought one t-shirt in a 2T last year because it was just too cute to resist (The Very Lonely Firefly on a turquoise shirt. ) but everything else he has in that size is a hand-me-down from his cousin (a boy almost exactly one year older than Eli). The boys look good in entirely different colors; Eli's got very neutral colored skin, medium-dark brown hair with seriously red stripes in it. My nephew has very warm skin about two shades darker than Eli's and a huge mop of warm, dark golden blonde curls (yes, he's a doll). Eli's eyes are cool and blue-green, nephew's eyes are such a dark shade of warm brown... at any rate, the nephew looks really cute in shades of olive, warm oranges & golds, khaki, and mustard yellow. Those colors make poor Eli look like he's got some kind of terminal disease. :LOL Eli looks best in shades of red, cool blues like turquoise, and watery greens which would make his cousin look like a corpse that's been left in the sun. So some of the hand-me-downs, while cute, look absolutely ridiculous on Eli so he only wears them as playclothes or to sleep at night. Why couldn't they have been the same color so that Eli doesn't have to look silly in stuff that looked so cute on his cousin?!

So NewBean is a girl. I'm hoping there's some cute girl clearance hiding at the mall somewhere! :LOL As soon as that tax refund comes, and some of our other bills are paid off, I'm going shopping! :LOL
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Rynna, congrats on a little girl! Girls RULE!!! I'm sure that any mom of a boy would say that boys rule too, though. I'll find out for myself soon enough!

Dd was born at just past 37 weeks, so if I get to 38 weeks this time I'll probably be going nuts. She was most definately fully-cooked, but weighed 6lbs. 11oz. Smallest baby born in my family for a long time! I consistently measure 2-3 weeks ahead this time too. That reassures me that this baby should be a healthy weight even if he decides to come early. I really hope he doesn't come before 37 weeks though.
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baby dream

I dreamt last night that I had an easy, painless labor. All of you experienced moms can laugh hysterically now , but I'm glad that my subconscious isn't scared of having the baby.

AFTER the birth, in my dream, I was sent to my uncle's house to sleep while my mom kept the baby. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep and wound up driving home in the middle of the night to get my baby. It looks like my subconscious has also sorted out the fact that this is MY baby, not mom's.
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well, I don't know how i totally missed these expecting clubs before today!

Joining in with you ladies late. I am Jessica, 28, SAHM/doula expecting #6 around the 15th.

Had really bad PTL with my last baby and was on bedrest from 26 weeks on....so far, I am contracting but avoiding being tied down which has been great. Saw my OB this morning (who is one of the few wonderful ones out there) and he finally told me i needed to gain some weight! grr...plus size and I haven't gained anything yet even though I am 32 weeks today.

Are we allowed to post links? this is my pregnancy journal that has a recent belly shot...

all my labors have been fast...my longest was 5 hours from first contraction to delivery, my last 2 were just under 1hr 45 min...

I have PCOS and breastfeeding issues, and I am hoping to have this one be a successful nursing baby!

glad to see you all

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Welcome Jessica,

I have PCOS too. I'm amazed and hopeful that you were able to get pregnant 6 times!!!

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EEK - I don't know how I missed this thread. I was thinking you all were pretty darn quiet the last two days! :LOL

Just scanned through. Congrats Rynna. Glad the second u/s was good news!

Not much new with me other than the fact that I've developed hemroids (sp?). Lovely. DH bought me some witch hazel and little cotton make-up pads and so far those seem to be helping.

Now I know where the pregnancy waddle really comes from! :LOL


PS ~ Welcome crunchywannabe!
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Hello All! I was MIA for a week there. My DH was home all last week on spring break and amazingly, I had LESS time than usual. Anyway, as far as last week's question, the one thing I've not been doing as much as I should is walking. I did really great all thru my first trimester with regular excercise but then I got the hematoma and was told NOT to excercise and I've just not gotten cranked back up now that I'm in the third trimester. So, I'm more active than I was with my last pregnancy just b/c I only work part time (sit on my butt for work) and b/c I'm chasing a 3 year old around full time. But I still feel guilty. Oh, and I've had that sweet tooth come back from my last pregnancy but I'm not as bad about indulging it as I was the first time b/c I don't work above a wonderful co-op with a bakery like I did last time. To indulge means to have it in the house which I typically don't.

As far as when I want this baby to come. I'm starting to feel fairly tired and just limited in what I can do. But I still feel panicked about getting some more stuff done. So I don't know. My edd is the 9th. DH gets out of work that first week in June. He doesn't have to go back to work until the last week in June. So anytime between 5th-18th would be okay with me. My brother-in-law is coming home on the 19th to meet the new baby and will be here thru the 24th. So I want to have it before he gets here. But you know what I was thinking? As great as the timing is with my DH's work, I'm not going to be able to go swimming until at least July. I mean, all that postpartum gunk. That's kind of a bummer. It gets so darn hot here in the summer.

Well, I hear DD waking up. She ACTUALLY took a nap today, hallelujah! (It's been a tough few days with her...she's trying to phase out nap time again!)

Rynna, so glad your ultrasound scare turned out okay! And congrats on the girl!
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Hi crunchywannabe! I have gained 5 pounds this pregnancy, but I lost 35 pounds at the beginning so I'm now at -30. My doctor is not remotely concerned about it. I am a fat person, and it's one of the things we do. I'm actually thrilled because I feel skinny! How many people can weigh over 200 pounds at 5'1", and be nearly 8 months pregnant and say that? :LOL I look fabulous, and I feel wonderful. This could be so much worse! :LOL

For the first time, I'm actually relieved by the things I learned online about a potential problem. :LOL Reading about the possibility of NewBean's kidney being in the wrong spot or being absent, I've learned that the absolute worst case scenario is one that most people don't find out about until late puberty because it causes almost no symptoms and it's very rare. It's not a fabulous thing, but if it's the worst I have to possibly wrap my head around, I can totally deal. .

Mike brought the air conditioner up last night! He says it's hot. I don't feel hot, I finally feel comfortable. This morning, though, I woke up next to a sweaty pile of Eli. :LOL He's definately Daddy's boy that way; he was warm all night because I was sleeping under a comforter. :LOL : At any rate, we need it in here because our computer has been overheating really quickly, so I'm cold as I type. Eli and Mike are both half naked and very comfortable. : I guess I'm outvoted! :LOL
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Welcome Jessica! Your family is beautiful!

Is it posssible that James has already "dropped" in this, my 34th week? My belly seems to be hanging a bit differently, with more room up top. Can a baby "drop" in stages, or is it always one definitive oomph?

I will have dh take a new picture, so you can see what I'm talking about.
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It's finally nice here maybe even for good! Well at least until the snow flies in the fall. The kids have been outside since my oldest got home from preschool, with the exception of the 20 minutes I tried to feed them. They didn't even go inside when we got home just straight to the backyard. Man are they dirty and hopefully REALLY tired too!

Rynna- Target has the Rubbermaid totes on sale this week for a pretty good price. I think 4 for $11 and $6 a piece depending on the size. I need to make my weekly trek out there and get a couple.

Have a great night!
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Re: dropping

Originally posted by Smithie
Welcome Jessica! Your family is beautiful!

Is it posssible that James has already "dropped" in this, my 34th week? My belly seems to be hanging a bit differently, with more room up top. Can a baby "drop" in stages, or is it always one definitive oomph?

I will have dh take a new picture, so you can see what I'm talking about.
thanks for the welcome girls!

I think a baby can drop this early....my last few dropped really early...like around 35 weeks....and yes, I think they can drop lower and lower in stages, it doesn't have to be one drop.
the nice thing is you can breathe. the bad thing is you have to pee even more! :LOL if that is even possible

Paula--on the PCOS, I have actually had to go through the whole clomid and hcg injection route to get pregnant before, but this one was a surprise and conceived totally on its own! I didn't even test until 7+ weeks because "I can't get pregnant on my own" : obviously, I can!
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Originally posted by 2girlsmommy
Rynna- Target has the Rubbermaid totes on sale this week for a pretty good price. I think 4 for $11 and $6 a piece depending on the size. I need to make my weekly trek out there and get a couple.
That's fabulous! Too bad the nearest Target (I think) is about 45 minutes away!
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I agree that you can drop this early. And Tain dropped in 2 stages, so that can definitely happen too. I was so irritated when I went to vote close to my edd with him and the lady running the booth told me he hadn't dropped yet. Okay, I am really short-waisted. Like you know whether or not he dropped!
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I got my new bed yesterday and I must say, it's heaven. I haven't slept that well in a long time.

Oh and I had my first birth dream last night:

I was shopping (?) on a cruise ship. I fell asleep and when I woke up I found out I'd given birth. DSO wasn't there and I was asleep so three of my friends used a random name generator and named him Finnegan Tracey. I sat and played with him for a minute, and discovered that he could talk. Then I put him in a sling, and went to dinner.
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I do this every week...I am always missing the start of the new thread, then I think "Where is everyone?"

I have been riding my exercise bike 5 days a week, 12 miles a day since about 14 or 15 weeks. This is a significant drop for me, I used to ride 30 miles a day. But I just don't seem to have the time any more. Well, I have gained 13 or 14 pounds total. I feel much better since I started taking Floradix twice a day. I increased my RRL tea to 3 cups a day. That stuff is sooooo good!

I am banking/expecting/planning/counting on this baby NOT coming early! :LOL I *must* go to the Area LLL COnference on Memorial Day weekend, when I will be 38+ weeks. DH & I are in charge of registration. If I can't make it, he will have to go by himself, but it will be a huge struggle for him to do it alone with only one other person helping him. After we get back from the conference, there isn't really to much to worry about timing wise, but I have several things planned for that time that I want to get around to. I would also like the kids to be out of school before the birth too.

I have thought alot about how I imagine my birth going. I am totally seeing it happening at night, just dh and myself, or me alone, on the floor next to my bed, with everyone else asleep. I see it being quite painless, and very peaceful.
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Has anyone else made the horrible mistake of reading up on all the things that could possibly go wrong? I read one website that listed risk factors for stillbirth, and they were things like "Too many, or too few, fetal hiccups" and "Very fast, or very slow, fetal movement." It's like EVERYTHING was something that could signify a risk! I think I just want to look at happy stuff from now on...How am I supposed to know whether there are too many or too few hiccups?!
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Yes, it is something I did years ago, when I was pregnant with my younger kids. I sooo regret how much I have learned!

Since then, I have this new problem...whenever I read about something, I become afraid that it is some sort of premonition....don't laugh!!! I read about knots in the cord my last pregnancy, so I was afraid it would happen to me. I saw some links about other birth issues, and I kept thinking "Why did I see this now? Is someone trying to tell me something?"

I wish I hadn't read so much....
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I generally find it very comforting to read all that stuff, because it reassures me that those things are unlikely to happen.. I'm an information junkie, though. I find information in all it's guises to be comforting.
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So I am getting ready for a twice monthly gathering of women friends last night (my turn to host) when our dog throws up all over the carpet. I clena it up. Following that, ds poops through his diaper. I go upstairs to change him, bring him downstairs to find dd running to the bathroom. SHe doesn't make it and pees all over the floor. DS, now clean, wants to see and goes running in, where he subsequently slides into the pee and goes flying through it on his side. Now soaked and crying, he wants me, clean for the gathering, to hold him, which, of course, I do. Then dd starts taking off all her wet clothes. Needless to say, dh came home to find one hormonally challenged wife, sobbing, holding a pee soaked boy, sobbing, and a naked dd, laughing, running around, holding her wet clothes over her head.

Bless the man. He cleaned everything and everyone up, put the kids to bed, and gave me about 15 minutes to calm down before friends came over.

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When the midwives came over today, dd asked them "Where's the baby?"

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