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The love is going well in our house, actually. I have this one favorite position, which just so happens to be the only comfortable one for me now, so it's all good. It became m favorite even when I wasn't pregnant because of my chronic back pain.

Gunnar is no where near potty learning, bu I will admit I am a little glad. Mostly for the same reasons you are dealing with Rynna.

Lizlark, about the fundal measurements....I have a very deep pelvis, and I also have very big babies. But I have never measured above 35cm while pregnant. The last time, the back-up OB I was seeing totally freaked out and wanted me to have an ultrasound. : My point is, there can be many reasons why you would measure smaller than the *average* woman. And they are all just variations of normal.

Greaseball, I have pubic pain, but I also have this *sensation* that is not very pleasant like you described. I quit wearing certain pairs of pants because they were just rubbing me the wrong way! :LOL And yes, it is the outer areas.
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Regarding the love scene. I was totallly into it this pregnancy which surprised both DH and me after my first pregnancy and the drought that was. Maybe I was more into it this time b/c I know about the drought that comes post baby. But, then the hematoma scare and the recommendation to not have sex (or even orgasm). That was a couple of months of totally being scared to death to even have an erotic dream. Then I was told I could do whatever I wanted and low and behold, ain't timing just perfect, I'm in my third trimester and have low energy. So, it's been a frustrating story all the way round...for DH and for me. Such is the cycle of marriage/life. It'll get rocking again about a year after the baby is here. At least we have that to look forward to. Sigh.

Oh, and even if I had loads of energy, the baby is putting so much pressure on me that I feel like I have to pee all the time anyway. Hard to let go and have fun when you feel like you might pee any second!
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Originally posted by seedling
Oh, and even if I had loads of energy, the baby is putting so much pressure on me that I feel like I have to pee all the time anyway. Hard to let go and have fun when you feel like you might pee any second!
:LOL This and staying awake long enough are the two biggest problems I'm having right now in regards to the love. :LOL
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With Tain, I wanted it all the time, the whole time but dh thought it was creepy when the baby moved between us so about 2 months before the birth we had a long talk and just didn't do it anymore until after the 6 wk marker. That was a LONG wait for me.

This time, Matt isn't so skittish and I don't have much desire. But I do spend all day with a toddler who is constantly touching me, so maybe that is a part of it. The logistics are so complicated now, too. I go to sleep w/Tain and Matt comes to bed around 3am. Which is after Tain's period of hard sleeping so he wakes easily. Usually we do a little foreplay, then move out of the bed (it starts to get weird to do more when they are at an age where they wake easier and understand better what is happening). Last night we got the foreplay underway, but the attempt to move off the bed did not work well and it ended with me having to cuddle our ds back to sleep and unfulfilled desires all around. That is pretty typical of our attempts these days. My bro lives w/us so moving to another room is not an option most of the time (he stays up late and gets weirded out if we use his room when he's gone. Gee, I don't know why...). He is moving out for the summer, though, so hopefully we can get some lovin' in between May 1 and babytime!

So between our schedules and location, it is a pretty dry house over here.

My belly still doesn't feel that big. I am only 30 wks now, and when I look in the mirror, it looks sizeable, but it doesn't FEEL that big. Which is a good thing b/c it enables me to really enjoy being pg. I don't really have any of the bad symptoms of pg, aside from reflux that is only really bad in the middle of the night, if I wake up. No swelling (yet), no roids (yet), etc.

Man, I've eaten like a famine victim the last couple days! How can I supposedly have less room for food and pack away so much all of the sudden? I ate a whole Red Robin hamburger yesterday-I've been splitting them w/Tain up til now and still had no room for the fries. I don't think I've gone an hour without eating something today or guzzling water. Guess baby is going through a growth spurt!
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Hello everyone!
I've been out most of the week busy with the kiddos and all the busy parts of life. Im feeling massive. Just in the last week I've gone from perfectly comfortable to "it hurts to lean forward or bend over." Of course, Im up to 40 pounds now, so that might have something to do with it.

Lovin' in this ouse is good, but not as good as it was a few months ago. All of a sudden DH and I are both exhausted. The children come to bed with us about 11 or 12, then DH gets up at 8 and me and the kids get up at 10 or so. Its conducive to deep sleep, but not great for yoru sex life. Since they sleep in our room, the only way for us to get some is to stay up after they are asleep (which hasnt been easy for him lately), get up before they do (morning sex = for me) or let them watch a Dr Suess DVD while we close the bedroom door for some "this might work" sex... Good thing about being pregnant, it tends to be a little bit quicker, even if Im a little bit slower

Well, the kids got to watch Dr Suess today, and I had to tell my midwife that we're just gonna have to get that GBS culture some other day :LOL ... So she gave me instructions and sent me home with the collection kit. Can you imagine an OB doing that, letting you get your own sample?

We scheduled my home visit today too... It seems so soon yet!! But tomorrow I will be 34 weeks. holy crap! Only 8 weeks to go, and so much to do!!

Im feeling lots of pressure at my pubic bone. I've stopped wearing my favorite jeans cause they put more pressure across it when I sit. Now is the fun part, I can barely reach my shoes, can barely carry or chase Zack, get tired looking at my calendar... But the sex dreams are fantastic, and feeling ripe and growing in the spring just cant be beat, something nice about sprouting along with mother nature

Labial sensitivity is normal, but if you are feeling sore or burning pain it could be vericose veins. You can ask your midwives (or DHs if they are so willing) to look for you. Ive hd several clients with this problem who treated them with herbal baths and/or witch hazel.
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Eli woke up an hour ago and screamed bloody murder for a while. I have not been able to sleep since. I think the time has come... I'm losing my mind for sure. In the words of "Jack"..."Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy..."

I've never been good at dealing with insomnia. I used to survive it, and once upon a time I could get by on 3-4 hours of sleep, but these days I'm lucky to be able to function with 8. When I was pregnant with Eli, I had to very suddenly cut *all* caffiene out of my diet, and I haven't really reintroduced it since, so I don't know if I'd even be able to tolerate that option (not that I think it's a great idea anyway). I can already tell that this is going to be a great day... *sigh*

My belly looks and feels huge to me. Last night, I was in the shower with Eli and he backed up against me. I looked down to pat him on the head and I couldn't even see him! :LOL All I could see was this vast belly horizon. :LOL I had to take a step backwards to see my little man. At any rate, it's not heavy or any more uncomfortable than it was (except for the feeling that my skin is being stretched to it's outer limits) a few weeks ago, it's just plain BIG. When I look down, all I see is boobs and belly. My feet have long since vanished, as has what used to pass for a lap. This is a huge disappointment to Eli, as I can no longer nurse comfortably . I still do it, but I end up hyperventilating because between him and NewBean I just can't breathe right. Ah, well, it's worth it to snuggle with my EliBean. He's not going to be my only child for much longer, I guess I should enjoy this... but I'm so glad that we're waiting until NewBean weans to concieve Bean #3.
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I haven't been feeling really that big until last night at Yoga. It seemed like my belly just kept getting in the way everytime I tried to bend foward :LOL

Last night I actually got the best night sleep I've had in possibly years! My oldest has slept in her own bed now for 5 nights straight(now we owe her a trip to Chuck E. Cheese: ) She has come in a couple of times but we have moved her back into her romm and she has stayed there. It's so nice to have one less body in my bed and she is so proud of herself!

The lovin' when we have time is good! Not as good as when I was pregnant last time but now we have 2 to get to sleep/occupy so it's a little trickier. My thrid trimester is usually pretty good! I think it's the knowledge that every O helps strenghthen the uterus and at the end can help get things moving along! My birthing time kicked into high gear w/ my oldest shortly after we had been sent home by the nurse w/ strict orders to go home and have some fun! :LOL

Well my oldest just got up so I need to go and get her breakfast! Have a great morning everyone!
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Wow do I know how to kill a thread or what??? :LOL

FYI - MDC is going to be down this weekend in case you didn't see the post.
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FYI - MDC is going to be down this weekend in case you didn't see the post.

I was computer-less all day today (we have a virus and dh took it in for service). I was LOST all day w/out MDC. :LOL Now...we have his laptop from work and MDC is going to be down. Bummer.

Saw my mw this morning...baby is vertex and LOA! Yay! My mw showed my dh how to palpatate my belly and feel for the backbone, bum and the "soft parts" (arms and legs). He thought it was SO cool that she showed him that.

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Isn't that the best Erin?? This baby is vertex also!! Emma never was, so this is a BIG thing for me. I was jumping up and down for joy yesterday when the mw told me I didn't have a breech baby!!! Oh, the joys!:LOL
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Well, my baby is following suit of his/her older brothers and sisters. Crush was head up last weekend, then head down on Thursday, and right back to head up today.

I have mixed feelings about it really....when s/he is head down, I am in the bathroom constantly....but head up is just to painful under my ribs. I guess I must have a really roomy interior, with lots of leg and head room, to give this baby a place to continue gymnastifcs! :
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NewBean is still turning over and around all the time, and now it's at the point where it's really painful... :LOL I guess I should be glad that she doesn't have really long periods of inactivity like EliBean did. He used to terrify me sometimes!

It's really funny when Eli is sitting in what used to be my lap and NewBean turns over or something.. Eli starts mushing my belly around, like when you're trying to get a pillow comfortable. :LOL It's all I can do not to laugh! This morning, NewBean had the hiccups and Eli was trying desperately to get comfortable..:
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Donna, I can sympathize! My little guy is always head down and I am constantly in the bathroom and have bad rib pain! I can't imagine what it must feel like to have the baby move from head up to head down at this point. Wow. I have been feeling ok, but not sleeping well at all. Dd sleeps in her toddler bed next to our bed, but she always crawls into our bed during the night. She loves to cuddle me, which is sweet but I can't get any sleep!

I'm feeling pretty huge. At my appt. on Monday, I was measuring 34 and I'm only 31. Most people don't think I look big at all, but I'm most certainly not able to see my feet anymore! I also tried to give myself a pedicure the other night. That was interesting!

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!
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I'm exhausted! This taking care of a preschooler, working from home and being eight months pregnant is about to kill me. Add to it that DD is really at that not-going-to-nap-but-still-desperately-needs-one stage and you have the makings of a manic momma. I worked until 11:30 last night. Worked for an hour before she got up this morning, and then an hour after she was awake by stalling her with glitter pens on a workstation right next to me. Then hauled her butt to the playground until 2:30. Then drove around for 45 minutes just to get her to fall asleep because the thought of no-nap and an evening of tantrums b/c of the no-nap was enough to send me over the edge. So got her up to bed for a nap, worked another hour, and then passed out on the sofa for the next hour. DD got up, came down to sofa, I used evil tv for the next thirty minutes while I lay on sofa waiting for DH to get home. Sent the two of them to the store for tofu dogs and accessories for a cook-free meal.

They are home, gotta go!
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This is the first time I've had a baby in one position for long this early... The other two finally went vertex at 38+1, but this one has been vertex since we could tell which end was which. Im starting to worry about that... What if this one is huge? What if the lack of polar movement means there's a problem? My other two flipped back and forth constants through the twenty and thirty weeks. This one hasnt gone head over butt once. So now Im worried that my baby is a a normal position... Preggos will worry about anything, I guess...

This whole time Ive been telling DH and everyone else that I dont want to know the sex. I keep reminding them all that we already have a boy and a girl and dont have too much to buy either way, and that US is a medical test that I see no need for right now, that everything is going well, I want a surprise at the end of labor... I have to remind DH that the HB midwife doesnt have an US machine in her office cause he's never been, and cause our previous care providers had them and used them liberally. With our others we had the routine 3, plus a couple quick- lets make damn sure thats a head checks.
This time I really didnt care to do it, but Im starting to get curious about what is growing inside me.
And- I want to know what the sex is. Im not having dreams either way, the old midwive's tales point in both directions... I really feel like I have no idea what the baby is, and the closer I get to meeting it, the more I want to know now. I just dont get it. I keep promising myself Im not going to consent to an US unless there is a reason, but I have an appt with an OB next monday (meeting him for back up) and I know he will offer (or demand) one. And I keep telling everyone that IF we were going to do it, we might as well wait until 40 weeks and do it quickly to check the position of baby and placenta, cause its could change... but I'm starting to really want to know the sex. I just dont feel like I know this baby at all yet, which is unlike my first two, but not surprising considering this was a surprise pregnancy and Im seriously stressed about having three children. I dont know if it would help to know the sex. I think I might be able to better prepare my 4 and 2 yr olds, and to have clothes laid out...

Even though I've promised myself, I dont know if I can keep it on Monday if they offer to take a look at the baby... help!
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Yes, yes, yes! Preggos WILL worry about SOMETHING! I think many mothers in general do! :LOL
As a point of reference on the size issue....my babies always flip around, in fact, we called the last baby "Twister" because he flipped so many times. Anyway, even though my babies do somersaults up to about 38 weeks, they have all been fairly big....9.5-10.5 pounds. I wouldn't worry about a baby staying head down being to big to move around. Maybe your little one is more of a laid back person, contemplating, thinking, content...instead of never being really sure which way is up! : :
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Tain went head down somewhere between 25 and 30 wks. He had his bum on the left, his feet and hands on my right. This baby has done the exact same thing. He was head down at my 28 wk appt, and has stayed in that body on left, appendages on right position since then. Tain was only 7lb 1oz, so it definitely didn't have anything to do with size for us! I know second babies are usually bigger, but I swear this baby does not feel very big, not abnormally small, just not worth worrying about either way.

I went to a playdate today and ended up staying over there 6 hours! It sure didn't seem that long and the boys had such a good time together. This has only been our 2nd playdate, but I think we'll all become good friends. I am so excited and thankful! I really need some local support.
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Yippeee! We're back on-line!!! I like the new backgournd it looks so calming!!

How's everyone's weekend going? I jsut got back froma scrpaebooking party at my neighbors house. I worked on my oldest dd'd book. Sadly I still have almost her whole first year to scrapebook.

LAst night I finally hauled out the baby clothes and sorted through them. I remember my oldest in some of those outfits so vividly. They brought back so many memories. It also made me realize "I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY SOON! How did that happen???

Well I gotta go put away all the newly washed clothes! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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New thread?

I don't think we have one... if not I'm gonna start one....
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