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Audio for Birth

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What will you listen to during birth?


For my second birth, my husband got me a CD by R. Carlos Nakai, Canyon Trilogy.  It is native american flute, and I have really enjoyed it.


I'd love to find more traditional, meditative music if you have anything to suggest.

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Nothing comes to mind right now, but I'll eagerly look for ideas!
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I''m hoping that something will really grab me at the music festival we'll be at for the next four days.


Last time I just had a random selection on, but I vividly remember snapping into total awareness of what was playing every time Ani DiFranco's "not a pretty girl" came on. I couldn't tell you what else was playing, just that song.


I'm thinking more Ani, maybe Mumford & Sons, and for some reason eastern influenced, belly dance type music is really appealing to me this time.  My husband is a musician with very, very ecclectic taste so I might just flip through  our (really his) iitunes library and pull out what grabs me. If DH seems to be having trouble coming up with something to do, I might get him to play for me until I need him for more hands on tasks. :)


I know a lot of people really like relaxing music, but I find I wanted something I could use as a focus when I needed it, but ignore when I didn't really worked for me.


As our various playlists come together, I'd love it if we could share them here!

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Yes! For some reason, the a capella harmonizing kind of stuff is just very earthy and soothing to me and I want to have a lot of it on my playlist. Also, female vocals and maybe some rythmic tribal-type stuff. The middle-eastern music idea appeals to me too, so any specific track suggestions on that front would be great.


These are just two I've come up with so far that fit into my music ideas for the birth. As you can see, I need lots of help! 


Nothing But The Water - by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

One Voice - by The Wailin' Jennys 

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If it's dark out I think I'll like things that are a slow, chilled, and kind of drinks in the livingroom after dinner type music.

I've got Morcheeba on the list, a lot.  I love their 'Blood Like Lemonade' album, but 'Charango' is another great album of theirs.  I love the song 'Slow Down' and can see myself up at 3am sitting on the birth ball and swaying my hips to that. 


Portishead 'Dummy' is another great album, I like the songs 'Mysterons' and 'It Could be Sweet' are two of my favorites. 


Motomom, the Wailin' Jennys!! I'd forgotten about them, thank you thank you!


Iron & Wine is mellow and relaxing, I only have the 'Our Endless Numbers' album but it's great. 


Great Lake Swimmers ('Bodies and Minds') and the XX are both also goodies, better for day in my mind.  Andrew Bird could be good, maybe to bright for me but he does have some cool orchestra and instrumental tracks and albums. 


Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' album is so, so good, I've been waiting to have a baby just to listen to that while I'm in labor.


I'm so grateful to have found Spotify a few months ago - maybe you guys already know about this and I'm way behind the times because I'm not a big technology person (!!) but it's changed how we listen to music.  For $10 a month you can just stream whatever you want - seriously whatever you can think of - whenever you want.  We listen to it every evening and often during the day even, best $10 we spend each month! I can even stream it on my cell phone or DH's cell, all from the same account.  I think they even have a 30-day trial that's free if you're willing to sign up with a credit card and then cancel within the 30 days.  So you could theoretically sign up close to your due date so that you have it on your cell or laptop while you're in labor.  Canceling isn't a big deal, it's a legit company.  You can even make playlists and listen to them offline later.  That's what we'll do if the birthing center doesn't have wifi. 


I looked up Help007's R. Carlos Nakai on Spotify and they have about 20 albums! That's a lot of indian flute music to choose from. lol.gif

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