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~I have an appointment to book in with my own midwife at the hospital (all free of charge) for the birth of this baby and I can't be arsed going to this or any of the other appointments. After four kids I'm just over all the antenatal appointments.


~My kids can't decide which lego set they want to build.


~I'm being f**ked over mentally every time I find a scratch or dent in my newly layed floor.

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We are going to a sorta of dressy but not formal event Saturday night and I can't work out what to wear. It's being held in a venue that has a reputation for being chilly (so I want something warm to wear). I'll most likely be standing and smiling and being very polite to people I've met once or twice before, but can't work out their names, so I really want comfy shoes. Uncomfy shoes would just make is that much more uncomfortable for me. But I'm supposed to look nice and "sorta" dressy. It's for my DH's work.


yeah -- first world problem. I don't know what to wear, and I have to go shopping and figure it out. And I don't have time to shop.

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Can't decide between IMAX or IMAX 3D.
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