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What is the viral cycle?

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Bonnie has hand foot mouth disease. She got it from a friend of ours who we saw the 14th and 15th. The books say 3-6 day incubation, which works out exactly to yesterday when she became feverish. The books and her doc also said about a week for the ilness to clear up but only about three days for the fever. So, my question is, when is she/ was she contagious? During incubation? Now? Both? Will she be contagious the whole time she is symptomatic? This is partly about who we need to warn they might get it and also if we have to cancel all plans for contact with others for the whole week, or just a few days.

Thanks for any help.
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Kama 'aina mama, I'm sorry your dd has HF&M! OUCH!! I used to be really versed on this kind of stuff, but don't need to use it as much anymore. I do remember though that viral shedding is actually highest before the symptoms show up, so you'll need to warn folks who came in contact with your dd during the incubation period. And I'm pretty sure she is contagious as long as she has a fever, not suppressed by analgesics of course. I'll try to look it up in my books and get back to you later if this is not totally correct or if I find more info. I hope the poor baby feels better soon!
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Maybe this will answer your questions.
Love to All
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Thank you so much! So far she seems to be having a mild case. (touch wood!) Her fever has already broken after only about 30 hours and during the night she seemed uncomfortable nursing but now she seems fine. I haven't pushed for an inspection of her mouth... no point making a happy baby mad!
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