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Homeschooling in Minnesota?

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Hello!  Right now we live in Ohio and just when I was getting comfortable with the rules/laws to homeschool here, it's looks like we may be moving.  There has been some major family ugliness since my father passed away very suddenly this past December and it looks like loose our farm here.  We've decided to move north to where my mom is from.  Wisconsin is our first choice and I know that the homeschool rules there are even more lax than here in Ohio.  No complaints! We're also looking into southern/eastern Minnesota. Now, based on what I've read on the legal section on HSLDA, Minnesota is similar to here in Ohio, but there are some subtle differences.  DD is 4 and we were planning on starting the Sonlight Core P4/5 this fall.  We have a new baby due in September but we're going to give it a go anyways!  So now not only do I have the worry of trying to do a good job the first year with DD, I need to make sure I know what will change if we end up moving to a new state.  Are there any moms on here in Wisconsin and/or Minnesota?  What are your experiences with dealing with your state's requirements?  I'd just like to get some advice on what to expect and plan for if we end up in one of these states.  Thanks in advance!!   

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Hi!  I think Minnesota is a great state to homeschool.  I also have a little one still, so just learning the ropes but I would direct you to the Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance website for further information.  Also, from what I have read you don't need to do any official homeschool paperwork until first grade.  So if you homeschool for preschool and kindergarten, there are no rules to worry about.  Best to you!

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Homeschooling is really pretty easy in MN and it got much easier last year when they relaxed some of the laws.  Here's the new laws regarding HSers here: http://www.examiner.com/article/what-will-be-required-of-minnesota-homeschoolers-under-the-new-law and here are the forms to see exactly what you need to tell them: http://www.examiner.com/article/mha-releases-new-reporting-forms-and-letters-to-superintendents


A lot of the sites run by outside organizations like HSLDA make it sound harder than it is to HS here.  Our laws say that you have to maintain records of curriculum, for instance, but you don't have to show it to anybody and it's mostly just in case you decide to enroll your child in public school later -- and it doesn't have to be anything complicated.  We have to do an annual standardized test, but we do not report the results and we can use a test like the CAT which is done by the parent at home.


We have to HS the 6 basic subjects but there's no required number of days or hours or required type of HSing.  It's easy to unschool here or do other types of home learning too.


We've been HSing our 5 kids all along (oldest is 9th grade) and find it very easy to HS here.  HTH!


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Thank you both so much!!  If we do end up in Minnesota I'm not worried about it now.  I really wasn't too much in the first place.  We're going to HS wherever we end up, it's just nice to be a bit more prepared.  Thanks again!!!

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