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A response I made to a different Melaleuca threat, but couldn't leave a comment for some reason...


Wow, I am appalled by the negative comments made about Melaleuca! Are these forum users being paid to talk bad about Melaleuca? No one mentioned Melaleuca's awesome revenue sharing program. All you need to do is register three people into the company and the money you make will cover the $60 monthly expense. Imagine that! 3 people and you can get $60 worth of free products that you use on a regular basis.


I understand the products are not purely eco friendly but as mentioned in other comments here, the products are pretty decent. Can you get paid for promoting mainstream cleaning products? No. Melaleuca offers that option to you so that you mothers can make an income by sharing some decent products with others.


I have been using various Melaleuca products myself and I am ultimately happy with them. Now to get paid by sharing them with others makes me even more happy!

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Hi Tinker1 and welcome to Mothering.


I can assure you that no one here is being paid to post negatively against Melaleuca. But you can read the negative experiences some of out community members have had with the company. There are also some negative reviews at BBB.org about the company, along with a good number of positive reviews. It's all about sharing opinion and experiences.


I think your opinions might be better received if you take the time to introduce yourself in our Pleased to Meet You forum and show that you are not here to promote this company but to be a Mothering community member. smile.gif

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I checked out Melaleuca about a year ago and was very disappointed about the false "natural" claims. Their products are far from natural.

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