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is 7 years old too old for big doll furniture?

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I'm looking at gifts for dds birthday and Christmas. She has never really been interested in baby dolls until her younger sister got into them. So now I'm wondering if I should get her some stuff to go with some baby dolls I got her. I'm looking at wooden doll high chairs, bunk beds, and miniature table and chairs. But since she's almost 7 I worry that she won't like them for long or will think they are babyish. She is still really into pretend play and "young" compared to a lot girls her age so there's that. Older girls seem to really like the american girl furniture so I guess that's not much different in a way. Not that I would ever get that brand though, too expensive! Do your 7-9 year old dds still play with that kind of stuff? Also, it seems like most wooden doll furniture gets terrible reviews, are there any brands that you got that are well made? 

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You could check out my twinn online. I find my dd likes to make her dolls' beds out of boxes more than she likes to use the actual furniture. I can't really dicide if it's worth it or not, but my 3 year-old plays with it.
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My dd's interest in the accessories for her dolls actually peaked when she was eight. She mostly likes dolls with hair and beauty parlor accessories though and still has no interest in baby dolls. I only got her a few accessories and the rest she creates from Legos and household items. She has a few doll houses that we purchased from a thrift store and uses them sometimes in her plot lines also.
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Additionally, once she wasn't interested in them any longer, they could be passed on to your younger daughter, so they would still get some use out of them I think.

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My nieces love American Girl to pieces but actually they play with the more baby-like Bitty Baby line and most of the stuff they have (purchased by me, ha) is from easy. Either way, a lot of girls that age are firmly, firmly in doll stage. Having a younger sibling tends to extend the age range of play.

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My 8 year old still plays with her baby dolls occasionally, but no so often I would want to buy a lot of stuff for her At she likes changing the dolls outfits, and sets her up in the pram/cot but I've not seen her bother with the high chair for quite a while.


She's getting quite into sewing so she's made her own cloth nappies for the doll (I got a free pattern online, used an old towel and t shirt for the fabric) and I'm wondering if she would like to make her own ring sling. The one I made for her as a toddler is too small.


IKEA have a basic dolls bed which held up well at playgroup


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