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What brands are you using? Which are your favorite or which ones do you dislike? Where are you buying them? 

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Fetaldoppler.net is a good place to buy them. I have a Nicolet, have had it about 5 years. The sound is good and it's not very persnickety, but Nicolets are kind of known for having issues with the probes coming loose at the connector, and they are very expensive. I've had to replace the probe once already and it's going to need replacing again soon, and they are not cheap to replace. I've used the Sonorax basic, which is good enough and only $150. You have to listen at just the right place, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Another midwife I know has only good things to say about the Sonoline, and it's only $50. If I were to replace my Doppler, it would probably be with the Sonoline, since it's reliable and inexpensive enough you could have a backup easily.

The only Doppler I haven't liked was the Pocket Dop. It was kind of unwieldy, and had a tendency to pick up radio waves.
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Thanks for that website and for the reviews. I have only looked on 1cascade.com and since I'm paying out of pocket (my office is dragging their feet on ordering desperately needed doppler replacements), I am really not wanting to pay those kinds of prices. However I also want professional grade equipment :) I'm going to try a sonoline c1 out, at least it will hopefully last until the clinic makes an order. I am just fed up with the piece o' crap I'm using! I'll post a review when I've gotten the sonoline.

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I got my doppler and used it in clinic last week. Loved it! I picked up a 10 week FHR within a few seconds. I don't know how sturdy it is, obviously, but it's been reliable so far. My only beef is that it's a little too quiet, even bumped up to the max volume. You need a pretty quiet room, so I doubt I'll use it much on laboring women.

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