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VBAC Mamas

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Do we have any other (hopeful) VBAC mamas here?  I'm kind of nervous.  Both that I'm making a selfish decision and then in turn that I won't be a candidate.

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Yeah, I'm in the same position. Went from a home birth to a CS due to poor positioning and a dipping heart rate. Hoping to avoid a lot of the things that led to the section. I'm nervous that my midwives won't be comfortable with the VBAC, and I'd like to try at home again.
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We are pregnant with #3 & going for a VBA2C. First was a hospital birth, second was a homebirth with transfer to hospital. Not sure what route we're going to take with this one. Thinking of going to a birth center, as two have opened in my area since my last birth.

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I have a uterine septum and it seems it is likely to knock me out of a VBAC but the doctor hasn't made the final call yet. I hope it works out for everyone mamas! I have to have a hospital birth for safety due to a genetic anomaly but there are no birth centrrs around here. However, DP and I talked about it and it touched me to know that if I had been a HB candidate that he would've been supportive. smile.gif
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I had a C/S with DS in 08 and then a LOVELY hospital VBAC in 2010.   I was 8 days overdue and the midwives were freaked out because my baby was measuring over 10 lbs.  They had me scheduled for a c/s the next morning, but I went into labor just in time!  I labored at home and arrived to the hospital at 9.5 cm.  I had a completely natural birth (she was 9lb7oz) which was the total opposite of my unwanted induction-3 hours of pushing-c/section that I had with her big brother.  


We are planning on an HBAC for this baby with a very wonderful and wise CNM.  


I definitely recommend finding a VBAC supportive care provider (not just someone providing lip service... ask what their success rates are and find out if any women in your area used them for VBAC and what they thought, etc).  I also recommend using Hypnobabies for labor prep-- there is a wonderful fear clearing session that is so helpful for VBAC mamas.  Surround yourself with only positive childbirth stories and messages.  VBAC is beautiful and empowering and for me it was a much easier recovery.


Good luck to all of you!

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Hey friends!

I am planning another homebirth after two home births (routine) and then a c/s for my third. Just waiting to see whether my midwife's doctor backup will work with a vbac mom. I am staying optimistic that it will all work out.
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Update: I met with my OB yesterday and am pleased to announce that I get the chance at a VBAC!!  Assuming nothing changes (I don't get placenta previa, gestational diabetes, etc.) then she will support a VBAC up to 40 weeks.  If I don't go into labor by 40 weeks or if at the very least I'm not incredibly favorable, I'll be scheduled for a section.  I can live with that!  I'm so happy!  Now comes all the researching and planning and doing to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!  :)

Chapsie - thanks for the hypnobabies recommendation.  A good friend just used it for her homebirth and I definitely plan on looking into it!

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I am hoping for a VBAC as well. I had a CS with DS due to his positioning and that he had not dropped at all and I was already 10 cm. We met with our midwife last week and she said given the reasons for my CS last time, I'm a good candidate for a VBAC. Woo hoo! Hoping and praying that all goes well!
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Originally Posted by thumbel545 View Post

I am hoping for a VBAC as well. I had a CS with DS due to his positioning and that he had not dropped at all and I was already 10 cm. We met with our midwife last week and she said given the reasons for my CS last time, I'm a good candidate for a VBAC. Woo hoo! Hoping and praying that all goes well!

Good luck!!!

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I've been reading all I can about the Ontario guidelines for midwives and VBAC, and I'm pretty comfortable in fight for a chance to try an HBAC.  We live 5 minutes for a regional health centre (surgical OBs always on duty), and after my C/S last time the doctor who did the surgery said that he didn't think there was any reason why I wouldn't be able to have a vaginal birth next time.  


I ended up with a c/s due to a missed posterior positioning (by the OB resident), followed by DS's heart rate dropping every time I would push.  Which leads me to believe it was mostly poor positioning (and more interventions than I would consent to this time around).


I consented to AROM, after my midwife thought my labour was stalling, but in retrospect it was the fact that I was tired, that the midwives were tired, and I really just wanted to labour alone.  I was 7cm before they showed up, and as soon as they arrived she had me walking up and down the stairs etc, when really I would have liked to continue to sleep between contractions and continue doing what was obviously already working.  I don't blame the midwives since as a first time mom I didn't know what to expect and wasn't as vocal about what I wanted as I should have been.   She was also a new midwife, and technically should have had another senior midwife with her, but they were all at other births, so it was just her and a student.  


Sorry for the mini therapy session.  I've just been gearing myself up for my appointment next week.  I'm a little nervous because I've been placed with another new midwife (just started in July), as my primary, and I'm trying to remember everything I want to talk about.

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my C/S was in large part due to missed posterior presentation as well (and then decels after 3 long hours of pushing.)  I had a VBAC 2 years later with an even bigger baby (9 lb 7.8oz) and it was a very beautiful birth with no issues at all.   She was anterior and came down in perfect position.  I definitely recommend checking out the spinning babies website.  Make sure to stay upright or forward leaning and not reclined to reduce the chance of a posterior baby and then just believe in your body's ability.  This will be a whole new birth and a whole new baby-- totally separate from your previous birth.  Good luck, you can do it!  

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Thanks for the response!  I think he would have rotated if my water hadn't been broken.  I had been on the spinning babies site before I went into labour because I suspected he was OP.  When we transfer to the hospital though (since my water had been broken for long enough, and I was getting tired) I was stuck on my back (from the epi).  The OB check and said the baby was in a good position, but then the decels started happening, and they don't like that much.  After the C/S they confirmed that baby was flipped.  I'll definitely be more vigilant this time.  Thanks for the positive story.  The baby wasn't all that big, 7lb15oz, even at nearly 42 weeks, although he did (and does) have a head circumference in 95 percentile.  

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My daughter was born by c-section due to breech presentation so, despite being an insulin-dependent diabetic, I've been told by my OB that I'm a great candidate for VBAC. Obviously, they put the caveats on there that this is IF I keep my sugars within normal range and IF the baby doesn't measure too big, though they're saying that over 8 lbs is too big. I'm ready to fight that limit and push back, because I feel like superwoman this time around and I KNOW I can do it. My biggest fears right now are that I cave into pressure from the OB again and/or am pressed into another c-section. I really, really don't want to go under the knife again. :(

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