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Missoula, Montana

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  1. Easy access to nature through large public parks, bike trails, state and national parks, and nearby bodies of water. Yes!
  2. Composting and recycling programs.
  3. Affordable housing
  5. Good elder services
  6. Good public transit
  7. Child friendly
  8. Pesticides banned-some
  9. Farmer markets, CSAs, community gardens.
  10. Backyard chickens legal
  11. Homeschool friendly
  12. Midwives and homebirth legal
  13. Healthy birth culture
  14. Philosophical exemptions for vaccines-  medical or religious
  15. Alternative and integrative health practitioners
  16. Breastfeeding friendly
  17. Clean air
  18. Quiet
  19. Great public library and affordable family activities
  20. Support groups such as LLL, API, Holistic Moms, and Meetup
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Thanks for the post Jewel Lillie. Did you mean to place this as an entry in our Best Natural Family Living Cities Nominations thread? If so please post it here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1359969/nominations-for-best-natural-family-living-city-come-post-your-favorite-city

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