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Ankles and feet hurting so badly

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Has anyone dealt with this so early- Im just now 14 weeks. I'm carrying twins, but my total weight gain so far has only been about 3 lbs, so this isnt an issue of "oh, its hard on your body to carry the extra weight." it seems like every time Im on my feet for longer than about an hour my ankles and feet just hurt so bad that I need to sit down.


I have some vericose veins in the ankle area, but they pop up during every pregnancy and its never felt this way before.


I'm terrified that if it hurts this bad to be standing and walking now, what is it going to be like in 20 weeks!?!?!

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Bumping for input.


You might also try asking Jennifer Karon-Flores. She specializes in Women's Health. :)

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Hi Holly,  I am having the same issue this pregnancy as well.  I am 13 weeks along, and only gained a few pounds so far, am not a heavy person to start with either.  I have had varicose vein issues around my ankle every pregnancy, but not so early and not this bad.  It does help to put my feet up every time I sit, and drink extra water.  My midwife gave my a tincture, but I have not noticed any change yet.  I have an appointment with my regular family doctor next week to get them checked out.  I wish I had some input for you, but all I have is commiseration at this point. 

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Im 23 weeks and having the same difficulty!!
I have gotten some good advice of drinking parsley tea. One cup a day. That and keep off feet as much as possible!
I also found that going to the chiro and being adjusted helped SO MUCH!!!
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When I was pregnant with DS, I had this issue as well (I was further along than you, but still...).  Have you considered accupuncture?  This is the only thing that helped deal with the pain I had in my feet/ankles and also with my vericose veins (which was important since I spend 80% of my workday on the computer).


I hope you find some relief (you too travelmumma).

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