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Homesteading in Austin

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Hi Everyone-- My family and I are considering a move to Austin, Texas some time in our future. I went to school in Austin but that was many years ago and the city has changed so much so I have some questions and am wondering if this might be the place for some answers. :) We are a homeschooling family committed to living simply and as close to the earth as possible. We would like to own some acreage (for animals, for growing our own food, and for peace) but we do not want to be completely isolated either--would like to be within 45 minutes of Austin proper and we would like to live in a community of others. Any ideas of what/ where we should consider? Thanks so much. Sachi
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Have you seen our Best Natural Family Living Cities Nominations thread? Austin is on the list: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1359969/nominations-for-best-natural-family-living-city-come-post-your-favorite-city

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You could probably homestead in Round Rock area. I think all the counties have different regulations. I know of some families that do raise animals and stuff in Round Rock. 


I'm living in North Austin and homeschooling is going to be great. No reporting to anyone or anything. I'm excited and hope it stays this way. I don't have plans on getting involved with homeschool groups personally, but if you like that, there are plenty. 

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I live halfway between Georgetown and Leander. We have about four acres and have two donkeys and chickens. Many of my neighbors have goats. There are lots of people around here that have farm animals and raise their own food. There is also a big homeschooling community. 

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