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Teething/separation anxiety?

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Poor DS is almost 8 months and cutting two teeth and experiencing what I think is separation anxiety. He sleeps in a crib at the beginning of the night and for naps and getting him to sleep at any time of day has become very difficult. Once the fun and distraction stops and we transition to quiet and dark, he can only nurse for a short time without pulling off and crying. He is hungry, but refuses nursing. When he looks almost asleep (after being off and on nursing), I put him down and start to pat and rub and he cries so hard! I pick him up, repeat, repeat, repeat. This lasts for about a half hour and at times I can only hold and walk him while he screams. I feel so bad for him. He seems to be in a lot of pain or just extremely upset. Nursing has rarely led to actually sleeping for almost a week and instead there are a lot of tears and a frustrated mama.


I have been trying to give him a little Motrin, but he really hates it so I'd rather not force it. Orajel seems to do very little for him. I know he is often overtired, which may make it worse.


Any ideas? It's so hard!

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DS is too young to be experiencing separation anxiety. It's probably all about the teeth. Mostly is when they are inconsolable and not sleeping. 


Do you know about Hyland's Teething Tablets? They are homeopathic and my son and daughter--in-law swear by them. And, what about baby aspirin?


Two teeth coming in at once is tough. He may even have a little fever. Sounds like you're doing everything right as far as putting him to sleep. It will pass!!!!

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Thank you! It feels good to hear some feedback. I've been having some luck with walking around the house, followed by singing and rocking, then singing and patting in the crib. Poor little guy. It's hard being a teething baby! I will give some of the remedies you mentioned a try. Anything to help him feel better.

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Sounds like he just wants to be held all the time. Do you have a baby carrier? Two teeth; that hurts! Hope some of the remedies help. 

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