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Hemorroids - sorry today is my day of issues

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Sorry to post another personal health question but tonight I felt and my husband God bless him confirmed what is a large perturburance coming from you know where and I assume it is an external hemorroid that is just large or prolapsed, it hurts obviously. Any advice? I am starting to breakdown this pregnancy has been so hard I can't lay down bc of indigestion,   I have non stop contracions, so I need to lay down,  Now I cant sit bc my butt has a giant growth. I feel super frustrated and I just don't feel good and it sucks,  I am an emotional wreck always worried that the babies are going to be okay and I just wish there was a way to take a break. Sorry about all that, exhaling now.

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I haven't experienced this yet so can't offer any real world advice, but I recently read this Q&A by an experienced midwife and maybe it will help: http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=628


Of course your baby's not here yet, but I think you could follow the rest of the advice besides the cuddling with baby :)

Hope you get some relief. 

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OMG  Hemorrhoids were the worst thing about the whole pregnancy, labor/delivery, afterbirth.  I SWEAR!


Dh went and got me over the counter H. solutions.  Like Tucks pads and cream etc... I tended to just use the pads/wipes cause I DIDN'T want to touch anything like that.  yuck  (i know, i know, i'm a wuss sometimes)


It took a bit, but they FINALLY went down.


I REALLY REALLY hope that they go away for you.  :(

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Coming in from lurking the past few days on this whole forum... 


I have something like this two. When I mentioned it to the midwives, they just brushed it off as hemorrhoids, but from what I've read/heard it doesn't sound like it for me. There are a three or four of huge (to me... they are about pinky tip size) extra pieces of skin directly around my anus (tmi...? sorry). They are kind of between looking like bumps and just flaps. They don't hurt at all or make me all stopped up. They absolutely weren't there before pregnancy though and they do bother me mentally more than anything (ugly bum, much?). My midwives aren't about to look at them ("oh, no need to show us, they are hemorrhoids dear") so I'm not sure... 

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I used to get hemorrhoids when I trained for marathons, and learned that those over-priced Tucks pads are just pads soaked in witch hazel.  I use witch hazel for everything - face astringent, bug bites, chafing, prickly heat, etc etc etc.  I've had a couple of problems with hemorrhoids in the third trimester, after cleaning the area very well with water and gentle castille soap, I soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and wipe the area.  Then, if I'm home, I let myself air dry and don't wear undies (sorry if TMI) and usually things are much better by the next morning.


Have you gotten your post-partum pads yet?  You might try soaking one of those with witch hazel and wear in your panties, or even freeze it for a little bit.  Cold really helps.  Also make sure you're doing your kegels, they really do help, and pelvic rocks.  If you can sit in a way that doesn't put weight on your booty that can help too.  You want to make sure you're getting plenty of circulation.


Finally, this is going to sound ick, but nothing gets rid of hemorrhoids faster than getting your bowels cleaned out.  Eat or drink whatever works best for that for you.  For me, lentil soup and prunes really seems to do the trick, and lots lots lots of fresh fruit, water, and oatmeal with chia seeds.  My doctor recommended psyllium husks if none of my food tricks work, but fortunately I haven't had to go that route yet.  And make sure to keep clean - consider keeping some unscented baby wipes by your toilet.

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Originally Posted by calpurnia7 View Post

consider keeping some unscented baby wipes by your toilet.
but DON'T flush them!
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Thanks for all the suggestions/ commrodory on this issue. It is not a pleasant thing to discuss but it is nice not to be alone.


AnyaRose - I made my husband compare what he saw to the pictures online, (sorry way TMI) but mine does hurt so it sure seems like a Hemorroid but if you don't think yours are I guess I would push the midwife to look. I know that has to be akward, my Dr. didn't check they just said they can prescribe meds which I am usually against but this is ridiculous. Anyway good luck with your problem, it i s just such a yuck issue.


Anyway I did get some witch hazel pads and hopefully this won't plague the rest of my pregnancy. I am concerned that this may make  a natural birth even less comfortable. here's to hoping some of tehse treatments work!

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so far I've kept my somewhat at bay this pregnancy minus a few times of going too much in one day but here's what I did that sorta kinda made it a little bearable...1. every time you wipe use moist wipes, 2. go everytime you need to even a little bit b/c the longer its in there, the harder it is (if you are taking a prenatal you might try changing brands or stopping them to see if that helps keep things soft..I take folic acid only when its bad), 3. eat/drink anything you can think to keep things soft but personally I found taking citrucil or the like just was more irritating, 4. sit on chilled (freezered) gel packs..I actually would walk around the house w/ two pairs of undies w the gel pack b/w the two and that is indeed how I labored too, 5. earth momma bottom balm has cooling stuff in it that sooths, 6. when it was really really bad, I would use the prepH suppositories as they help but aren't really recommended for pg woman. I totally hear ya on the cant lay cant stand thing!
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Two pairs of undies is genius!
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I haven't read the thread to see if this has been said yet, but try putting some tea bags on it. I know it sounds strange (and kind of funny, urban dictionary considered), but it really works. Drink some tea (chamomile is good) and then just put the warm, moist (mostly squeezed out) tea bag on them for a while. I tried this when I developed hemorrhoids the same time as having just had a tooth extracted (yeah, that was probably the worst week of the pregnancy). The literature about my tooth said something about applying tea bags for bleeding, so I tried it on the hemorrhoids on a whim. Within an hour they were incredibly reduced. I was just drinking some tea and after I squeezed the bag out, thought "why not?" and applied the bag. I was blown away.

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