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Add another to the loving cotton, hemp and bamboo group.  I've never liked the poly's and once they pick up smells can be difficult.  They also are very temperamental about creams and lotions.  Once they get a hold of  the wrong product they will never absorb the same way again. Plus natural fibers breath better and are nicer on babies bum.

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I'm also not a fan of microfiber - I like the natural fibers as the soakers.  I don't mind having a PUL outer or a fleece inner, but I like having a natural fiber over (I only stuff pockets going in the diaper bag, at home I use pockets like a cover/all-in-two).  My newborn Alvas are coming with microfiber inserts, but I will probably try and sell the inserts as I'm planning to use Bamboo inserts in the diapers :)  I'm using bamboo or cotton on our toddler now and really like both - no stink problems like I've had with microfiber in the past... and no static!!

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Any advice on where to get good bamboo or hemp stuffers? I'd happily I give some a try, especially if this one is as heavy a night time wetter as my son was. I swear, that boy was part race horse!
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I think that Nickisdiapers has bamboo inserts-I know they have hemp. 

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I really like growing greens by babeegreens.com for hemp and cotton blend.  The bamboo I have is no longer made but you can check softandcozybaby.com (the shop I used to work at) or jilliansdrawers.com for other hemp and bamboo options.  If you shop at any of them tell them Anilia Hornsby sent you!

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This helps a lot, I think I will stuck to my original plan of staying with natural fibers. I think pul outer covers will be ok, but no microfiber or anything like that. Thanks mamas!
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We don't mind the microfiber - but they are inserts - not on the skin directly. I prefer natural fibers, especially organic. I did notice with my organic bumgenius many of them didn't make it to kid 2 and none of them will be making it to the 3rd just because they ripped apart relatively quickly with usual wear. It was bizarre.

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