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I guess i should have done this a few posts ago and a few years ago.. but better late than never :) Hi  I'm Mari.. I registered years ago and then lost my internet. it's back, and i am too. 

I am the other half of Papa, We are a blended family of 4 girls SD (21y) DD(14y) &  LO's (4y+2y) with 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 official house Kitty, a barn full of 'donated' mousers, a field of cows and 1 old bull... I have a big family :D


Papa and I are on our first year farming (although he was raised in it) and are in the process of growing a field of Sunflowers, renovating the farmstead, growing all our food and some for market too.. Busy Busy busy...but having a lot of fun too.


So hello *She says while Waving from the hayfield.. I'm pleased to meet you

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Welcome.gif  Pleased to meet you too! 

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Aww gee.. thanks!  :D

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