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Clomid questions

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Does anyone know if Clomid causes pregnancy symptoms during the two week wait? I feel WAY different now (at 6dpo) than I did before Ovulation. I was wondering if it could be very early pregnancy signs or if it could just be the Clomid still? I took Clomid cd3 to cd7 and I am now on cd23



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Yeah, at least for me. I did clomid for 3 months and had more "pregnancy" symptoms those months than the following cycle when I actually ended up pregnant, off clomid. Hope this is it for you, though!

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I think I have experienced the same thing.  When I took Clomid, several days after O my breasts were pretty sore.  When I switched to a different medication or didn't use any, I did not have the soreness.  I only did that recently so I've been trying to figure this out myself.  I have been wondering if some of the symptoms were caused by the Clomid and not something else.  I really don't know.  I guess we will just have to wait a while and see if we are pregnant. winky.gif   Thanks for sharing your experience Andaluza.

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Yes!  I thought I was pregnant every time because of the symptoms!  Never was though...

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Well, I have way more symptoms than I ever had. BUT, I ALWAYS have sore breasts... like horrible breast soreness. (Hurts to touch and take off my bra) but, this cycle on clomid I have had no breast soreness.. Cept, maybe a little on the sides but not like I normally do. I am hoping this is a good sign I am 11dpo today and I am going to test tomorrow with fmu.


Thanks for the response!

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