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What are your current favorite tv shows?

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I have had tv for about a year now after not having had it for about 12 years! I didn't want it before but now I am enjoying it! I always mute the commercials or walk away and so just enjoy the shows. I want to share what some of my current favorites are and see what other MDC'ers are watching.

My favorite shows in no particular order:


Gossip Girl

LA Complex

Hollywood Exes

Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta

most shows on hgtv especially property brothers and house hunters

little house on the prarie re runs

Girls (on HBO)

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I also enjoy HGTV quite a bit.  I'll watch just about anything on Bravo! During the summer my favorite shows are The Glee Project and RuPaul's Drag U. I also like Project Runway, Drop Dead Diva, and Big Bang Theory.

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I will watch almost anything on HGTV and Food Network.  


The only show that I actually remember what day it comes on is New Girl, but the new season hasn't started...


My dh and I love American Pickers and American Restoration. Even Pawn Stars.

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We don't have cable, so not totally sure what is actually running currently but we are watching Warehouse 13, just finishing Eureka, need to finish Chuck, waiting on Castle, CSI, and Haven to start this season, and we just started Alpha and Murdoch. Recently we watched all of Rosemary &Thyme and rewatched Firefly.


Oh, I'll watch Man vs. Food if I am at mils. All reruns I think. I've actually read his book which was good but a little more personal in some parts than I really wanted to know.

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I am super-anxiously waiting for The Walking Dead to return.  Obviously we can't watch that with Little Miss around... sheesh.  But we wait until she's gone to bed, and then I scream and scream and hide under Mr.'s arm.  Oh yeah.

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That like True Blood.  DW watches half of it with her head turned away from the screen to avoid the blood and gore.  Great show though!

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I love Grimm and Smash.  I'm not sure why I love Grimm so much, since I realize it's not a very deep show, but I do like the relationships between the male characters.

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I watch Survivor, Parenthood, Fringe and Downton Abbey in the not to be missed category. I also like Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Castle.

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We don't have tv service, so DH and I watch episodes online. These are some of our favorites:





*The Walking Dead

*Parks and Recreation

*The Office

*How I Met Your Mother


It's almost time for a Firefly marathon. Great idea fruitfulmomma!

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I like Once Upon a Time, Dr Who, amd Greys Anatomy!
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My favorites:





True Blood

Game of Thrones



Mad Men - oh when, oh when will you begin again? 

Downton Abbey

Glee, although I am really struggling with this season

Vampire Diaries


Sons of Anarchy

Pretty Little Liars


Thank goodness they don't all play at the same time! 

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I'm going to sound like a TV junkie.  I'm way behind on watching a lot of these, but these are the shows I like:


  • Army Wives (currently watching through Amazon Live Streaming)
  • Revenge (LOVE this show)
  • The Lying Game (ABC Family)
  • American Horror Story
  • 666 Park Avenue
  • Parenthood
  • The Good Wife
  • Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette  bag.gif
  • Top Chef
  • The Real Housewives BH, OC & NY
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Oh yeah, Downton Abbey!



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 Greys Anatomy!!!! and Top Chef :)

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Vampire Diaries

Face Off



Big Bang Theory

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We're enjoying Girls on HBO and are catching up on old episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We don't have cable so we tend to not watch current shows much, and will watch instead watch a series at a time (we recently finished Trailer Park Boys and The Sopranos).
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King of the Nerds


The Americans

Degrassi (Yes. The Teen Drama. lol. I grew up with it and can't stop watching)

Big Bang Theory

Sons of Anarchy


These are the only TV shows I watch, plus a couple one-time history or science documentaries.

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Game of Thrones (HBO), Grimm, Grey's Anatomy, The Following (new show on Fox w/ Kevin Bacon)
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Currently my faves:



Big Bang Theory

Law & Order: SVU or CI

Just about anything on Food Network (If I'm somewhere that has cable or find it online, as we do not have cable.)

Bob's Burgers redface.gif

Martha Speaks

Curious George (Seriously!)

Market Warriors

Nature (I think it's called?)


and from what I've seen advertised, I would really like to start watching Downtown Abbey, but I don't know if you can watch it online, and I think I'm not home when it airs. But it sounds really good. smile.gif

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Oh and I can't forget Brand X. I love Russell Brand. (Before I had seen his show or his standup, I thought he was an idiot and couldn't stand him. Goes to show you shouldn't judge people...)

Kids shows that I can tolerate are Sid the Science Kid, Team Umi Zoomi, Berenstain Bears. Yeah, that's about it.

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